Birth Date Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are a beautiful way to commemorate something meaningful in our lives and a birth date is no exception. Birth date tattoos are a creative way to show off your personality and date of birth. Whether you want to go for something small and simple, to a loud and bold look, there are plenty of designs for you to choose from for your birth date tattoo. Here are 20 creative birth date tattoo ideas to help you find your perfect piece.

1. Numerical date of birth in Roman Numerals.
2. Clock symbolizing the exact time of birth.
3. An astrological sign with the date inside.
4. Moon and stars with the numerical date etched inside.
5. Monogram with the first letter of each name and the date.
6. Having the date written as if in a diary entry.
7. The date with a rope tied around it.
8. The infinity symbol with the date inside.
9. A birth flower with the numerical date in the center.
10. A silhouette of something that represents the birth date and time.
11. Star formation representing the birth date and time.
12. The numerical date and time written as if in a letter.
13. 3D numbers representing the date.
14. A key with the numerical date.
15. Design of a river with figures and the date inside.
16. A rainbow with the numerical date and time on it.
17. An arrow pointing downwards with the date at the tip.
18. For someone who loves travel, a compass with the numerical date inside.
19. A feather with the date and time written on the tip.
20. The date with an arrow pointing to it.