Bible Study Icebreaker Questions For Adults

Introduction: These icebreaker questions are designed to encourage meaningful conversations among Bible study participants. Feel free to pick and choose the ones that fit the discussion topic or group best.

1. If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
2. What’s something about your faith journey that you’re particularly proud of?
3. How have the stories in scripture shaped your worldview?
4. What was a key takeaway from a recent Bible study you attended?
5. How has your relationship with God evolved over the years?
6. What scripture passage do you turn to most often for comfort?
7. How can we better equip ourselves to discern God’s will in our lives?
8. What areas of your life could use a greater helping of faith?
9. What is a spiritual gift you feel you’ve been blessed with?
10. Have you ever had an impossible situation turn out in an unexpected way?
11. What are the primary takeaways you’ve gleaned from your Bible study experience?
12. How can we draw closer to God when life gets difficult?
13. What have you found to be the greatest challenge in applying scripture to your daily life?
14. Are there any scriptural lessons that have most surprised you?
15. What scriptures have made the greatest impression on you?
16. How can we focus on what’s true and real in our pursuit of spiritual growth?
17. How have your prayer habits evolved over the years?
18. What is the most meaningful devotional you’ve ever participated in?
19. How can we diffuse the tension of heated spiritual debates?
20. How do we stay connected to God in today’s fragmented world?