Best Valentine Pick Up Lines

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year when couples express their love and appreciation for one another. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pick up line to use on someone special or looking for an easy and fun way to break the ice, these 20 creative Valentine pick up lines are sure to get the conversation started. From cheesy to cute, these pick up lines will help make your Valentine’s Day even more special.

1. If I could be any valentine gift, I would be a box of chocolates so I could be with you always.
2. Cupid must have shot you with his bow, because you make my heart go boom.
3. I don’t need hearts to show me your love; it radiates all around you.
4. Is there a filter on your profile, or are you just naturally perfect?
5. I heard love was in the air on this Valentine’s Day, so I came to take you out!
6. Is it hot in here or is it just the chemistry between us?
7. You must be an angel, because you make my heart skip a beat.
8. Are you a magnet because my heart is drawn to you.
9. I’m feeling so lucky that I found you on this Valentine’s day!
10. I must be allergic to nuts, because I’m so nuts about you!
11. Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t wait to go on a date with you!
12. If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.
13. Hey, my name’s Cupid. Wanna go on a date?
14. Hey, do you want to be my Valentine and share the key to my heart?
15. Let’s slip through the night and explore the paths of love together.
16. I must have been a good person in my past life because I’m fortunate enough to be your Valentine.
17. If you were a sweetheart, you’d already be mine.
18. Are you a song, because you make my heart sing.
19. Surely you must be from the heavens because you look like an angel.
20. We were meant to be together this Valentine’s Day!