Best Tiktok Pick Up Lines

Introducting the best and most creative TikTok pick up lines. Whether you are looking to lighten the mood with some humor, you want to put a smile on someone’s face, or you are trying to leave a lasting impression, the following pick up lines will help you on the way to success.

1. Is that a TikTok filter or are you just that attractive?
2. Hey girl, are you a TikTok algorithm? Cause you’ve been on my mind all day.
3. Looking at you I just knew that I had to make a TikTok.
4. I’m aching for some likes and you’re the cure.
5. You’re catchy like a trending TikTok video.
6. Is your name TikTok? Cause I’m starting to feel something about you.
7. Are you a challenge? Cause I wanna TikTok you.
8. Hey girl, I like you even better than the TikTok verified symbol.
9. I bet you’d look good on my Explore page.
10. I knew the moment I saw you, I had to be part of your duet.
11. You must have been a TikTok hashtag because I’m looking forward to trending you.
12. Is your hand upvoting, cause I wanna reach my goal with you.
13. I don’t need views to know I like you.
14. I don’t need likes to know I want to get to know you.
15. Hey girl, together we could make the cutest couple on TikTok.
16. Your smile is brighter than a million video views.
17. I think I’m addicted to you like the way I get addicted to TikTok videos.
18. You make my heart beat faster than a TikTok video.
19. Hey there, I think I’m falling for your smile like I’m falling for another TikTok meme.
20. You must have been a challenge ’cause I can’t stop thinking about you.