Best Stoner Pick Up Lines

Organically grown and ready to spark up conversations, these creative stoner pick up lines are sure to get you in the good graces of your fellow stoners. Here are 20 of the best picks to break the ice and get them green with envy:

1. “Hey there, want to join me in a sesh and lift our spirits?”

2. “All these high vibes must be for you, be my bud?”

3. “I got that chronic charm if you’re looking for something to spark.”

4. “Just passing a good time and thought I’d see if you’d like to share some.”

5. “I have a feeling we could make some great smoke signals together.”

6. “You must be hotboxing, ’cause you’re looking good enough to get high off of.”

7. “If you’re feeling lonely, let’s get together and come up with a plan that’s so out of this world.”

8. “We should get together and blaze up the night away.”

9. “I could help you expand your mind and body with some great ganja.”

10. “Let’s take a puff, you won’t find many that are really rough.”

11. “Hey there, want to join me for a dab that’ll make us both say wow?”

12. “I thought you should know, you’re so fine it’s like you were engineered in a bong.”

13. “Your presence elevates my mood, let’s get high and go on a higher pursuit.”

14. “Any interest in getting in some deep conversation, but like really deep?”

15. “Hey there, want to come share a joint with me and get the clouds of doubt to disappear?”

16. “Let’s explore the depths of our souls and eyes, with a joint blazing like fire in this dank paradise.”

17. “My love for ganja grows stronger every second, it’s like I got Weed Cupid’s arrow that went straight to my tendon.”

18. “I feel like having some deep convo and getting high off the sweet aroma, you in?”

19. “Want to take a ride, with some dankness as a co-pilot, so get high and go fly, it’ll be a trip most worth the flight!”

20. “What’s up, let’s get more blazed than a hazy afternoon, we can get high together any day and have some wild, good fun!”