Best Star Wars Pick Up Lines

Star Wars pick up lines are a great way to break the ice with fans of the space opera film saga. From iconic one liners to witty puns and references, these lines can make for an entertaining conversation starter. Here are 20 creative Star Wars pick up lines for you to use or be inspired by.

1. “Are you an Ewok, ‘coz you look irresistibly cute.”
2. “If I said you had a beautiful lightsaber, would you hold it against me?”
3. “Can you feel the force, because it seems like the chemistry between us is strong.”
4. “If the force were with me, I’d be brave enough to ask you on a date.”
5. “Can I be your padawan, so I can learn more about you?”
6. “Hey, do you have the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?”
7. “Do you want to join the rebellion and take a chance on me?”
8. “Can I use Jedi mind tricks on you and make you fall for me?”
9. “You must be a Sith Lord, because you are dark and I’m drawn to you.”
10. “Are you a Jedi, because your force is strong with me.”
11. “Hey, is your name Han Solo, because you just shot my heart.”
12. “Roses are red, Vader is blue, I have the force, so may the force be with you.”
13. “Hey, if I said you had a beautiful blaster and a cute personality, would you hold it against me?”
14. “If I said you look like a princess, would you let me be your guard?”
15. “Is your name Obi-wan, because your force is strong with me?”
16. “Hey, I’m no Jedi, but I feel a connection between us.”
17. “R2-D2 her heart beeped boop and it looks like I just found my one true love in the universe.”
18. “Do you believe in fate, because the force brought us together.”
19. “My love for you could go into hyperspace if you give me the chance.”
20. “Did you just come out of the Mos Eisley cantina, ’cause you look beautiful and out of this world.”