Best Redhead Pick Up Lines

Introducing 20 creative best redhead pick up lines guaranteed to lighten the mood and get you a date! Whether you have reddish hair or you’re admiring someone else’s, these lines are sure to have you fanning the flame.

1. Is that a flame in your hair or you’re just happy to see me?
2. I just got a new set of crayons and I’m missing one; that’s right, the color red.
3. I’m sure glad there’s a fire down below, so I don’t have to stare at the sun up above.
4. If I stare at you any longer, I’m going to need a fire extinguisher.
5. You must have fallen from the gingerbread house, because you are sweet and spicy.
6. Are you a campfire? Cause you are so too hot to handle.
7. Your hair looks like it could light a hundred Christmas trees.
8. Is it hot in here, or are you just completely on fire?
9. Your red hair is giving me a burn that can only be relieved with a date.
10. Hey, I don’t have to ask your name because your hair can practically spell it out for me.
11. It must be fire safety week, because you are so hot.
12. Are you a fire alarm? Cause you’re always on my mind unless I’m not near you.
13. The only storm I feel right now is the one that’s coming from you red hair.
14. Your red hair looks so hot it could spontaneously combust at any minute.
15. I didn’t know today was a holiday until I saw you with those red locks.
16. If I gave you a match would your hair catch fire?
17. You must have been extra spicy when you were created, because you’re so full of fire.
18. What a fiery surprise it is to see you.
19. You must be an ignitor, because you make my heart flame up.
20. I might need to call the fire department, because you got my heart burning.