Best Pick Up Lines For Single Moms


Being a single mom is such a difficult job and it’s understandable to not want to date. But fortunately, there are many good single moms out there who are ready to take a chance again. If you’re one of those single moms, here are 20 creative pick up lines that you can use!

1. Hey, maybe it’s destiny that we ran into each other!
2. Are you a single momma? Can I be your favorite child?
3. Is it hot in here or is it just you?
4. If loving you means being a single mom, I’m in!
5. Hey sexy single mom, don’t you know the babies need someone?
6. I wanna be your single parent, are you up to the task?
7. Hey, is your last name kidnapping because you just stole my heart!
8. Are you a single mom? Cause I think you’re too cute to be alone.
9. You must have kissed herculean labor to raise a kid solo!
10. If I ask you out on a date, do I have to gain the approval of your kid?
11. You’re hotter than carpool lane during drop off.
12. Hey, is it improper for me to be so drawn to you?
13. If your kid could be a chaperone, would you go on a date with me?
14. Want to take a chance and see if it leads to parenting opportunities?
15. Hey, don’t you know that single mothers need love too?
16. If laughs and harmony are the three ingredients for love, let’s give it a try!
17. Want to prove that not all single moms are unlucky in love?
18. Baby, you’re more attractive than a tupperware at a secondhand store.
19. Hey, my heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw you!
20. Want to show me great parenting must start from somewhere?