Best Pick Up Lines For Friendship

Starting a friendship can be intimidating and awkward, but using the right pick up line or ice breaker can really help break the ice and create a meaningful connection. Here are 20 creative pick up lines for friendship that are sure to make a great first impression:

1. Have you been to [insert favorite restaurant]? It’s my favorite and I’d love to buy you lunch if you ever want to join me.

2. I have a feeling we have a lot in common. Let’s discuss it over coffee?

3. If you’re ever feeling down, I’m always here to talk.

4. I bet your week would be even better if you had a friend to share it with.

5. I’ve been watching you and I’m thinking we could be great friends.

6. I just bought the latest [insert favorite book or movie]. Want to come over and check it out?

7. Is it just me or are we both feeling that friendship spark?

8. Hey, I’m new in town. Maybe you can help show me around?

9. I think we’d get along great. Let’s get to know each other?

10. I’m looking for a friend I can trust and I think you are the one.

11. What’s your favorite hobby? Wanna hang out and do it together?

12. Life is too short to be spent alone – let’s connect!

13. Let’s go on an adventure and create some crazy memories together.

14. Friendship can be a beautiful thing, and I’m looking for someone to share the journey with me.

15. You seem to have a lot of interesting and unique ideas. Wanna share them with me?

16. Let’s make the most out of what life offers us. Wanna be friends?

17. We have a lot of potential to be great friends – let’s make it happen.

18. Who cares what people think? Let’s lead our own lives and be friends.

19. I heard you’re looking for a new friend. Well, here I am.

20. Hey, a positive and good-hearted friend is worth finding. Let me introduce myself!