Best Nurse Pick Up Lines

Nurses are one of the unsung heroes of society, often going overlooked in their hard work and dedication. To honor and recognize them, here are 20 creative best nurse pick up lines to make them smile and laugh.

1. “If I’m the patient, can you make all my problems go away?”
2. “The only thing I need an IV for is more time with you.”
3. “I hear you’re the cure for my bad days.”
4. “Can we keep this between us, or do I have to fill out a form?”
5. “I’m feeling a bit feverish. Do you think you can help me out?”
6. “Do you have any bandages big enough to cover my broken heart?”
7. “Hey! I think I’m having a heart attack because you just took my breath away.”
8. “Dayum, you must be a registered nurse because you just prescribed me major Lovin’!”
9. “You must be a nurse, because you sure know how to take care of me.”
10. “Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven? Because you look like an angel!”
11. “Excuse me, did you prescribe yourself, or do I have to guess?”
12. “You must have climbed up the ladder to heaven to get here!”
13. “I’m not usually one to be a patient, but I’m willing to be if you’re my nurse.”
14. “Hey, you must be a nurse, because you just put a smile on my face with one look.”
15. “You’re my nurse? Wow, I think I’m in luck.”
16. “Do you specialize in giving out good vibes and making my life easier?”
17. “I hear you have healing powers. Can I you feel it too?”
18. “Hey, you must be an expert in prescribing smiles!”
19. “Hey gorgeous, let me be your patient so I can get close to you.”
20. “My heart starts beating faster whenever you walk into the room.”