Best Naruto Pick Up Lines

Naruto, the anime series beloved by millions of viewers, is truly iconic and well-known in our culture. To celebrate it, we’ve gathered some of the best Naruto pick up lines. Creative, humorous, and nerdy, these lines will definitely make any Naruto fan smile.

1. Was your ojōsama ga tōmei datta name by any chance Naruto?
2. Are you a jutsu? ‘Cause you just blew me away!
3. Are you a Sage Mode Naruto? Because you make me go blind.
4. I think I got the Kyuubi fever, just looking at you!
5. I think I’m losing control, Nine-Tails Chakra Mode?
6. You must be strong like Rock Lee, because it takes so much skill to make me blush.
7. I want to send you a Genjutsu, just so I can make you stay with me forever.
8. I don’t need to learn any Jutsu, just one look from you is enough to make me weak in the knees.
9. Do you know the Hiraishin no Jutsu? I’m pretty sure I just teleported straight into your heart.
10. You must be a Suna Kunoichi, because you just blew me away.
11. Is your name Temari, because you make me feel winded.
12. Can I borrow your sharingan? Because I could use some extra help in figuring out how to win your heart.
13. I’d like to summon a toad, and get your number.
14. I’m a Nara, so why don’t you try to catch me if you can?
15. If you were a jutsu, you would be the ultimate.
16. Are you a kunai? Cause you just threw me for a loop.
17. You must be a sharingan because you make me blind with love
18. I could just be daydreaming but I think I saw you in my fantasies.
19. You must be a Rasengan, because your beauty is spinning me in a circle.
20. Are you a Byakugan? Because I can see straight through you and find out that you’re the one for me.