Best Marvel Pick Up Lines

It’s no secret that Marvel superheroes have had a huge impact on the world of entertainment–from movies to comics, to cartoons and more! But not only are these iconic characters great for inspiring amazing stories, they can also be used as creative pick up lines! Here are 20 of the best Marvel pick up lines that you can use to win someone over.

1. “Hey there, I think I just fell for you–muahahaha–like a anti-gravity hammer.”

2. “Let me be your web-slinger and take you away for a night that you’ll never forget.”

3. “Baby, you must be from Wakanda because you’re just too damn cute.”

4. “Is that a scepter in your pocket, or are you just really happy to see me?”

5. “I’d go to Thanos for you!”

6. “I’d put on my Captain America suit just to make you smile.”

7. “Hey there beautiful, are you my Infinity Gemstone?”

8. “Did it hurt when you got through Ragnorok, or is that just how you naturally look?”

9. “Hey girl, how about a date in the Dark Dimension?”

10. “Is that a Thor hammer in your pocket, or are you just happy to meet me?”

11. “What could shed more light than a gamma bomb? You, of course.”

12. “I’m like Ulysses and you’re my Eternals.”

13. “My world is your world, my universe is yours.”

14. “I’d take a trip to Wakanda for you.”

15. “You must have an infinity stone, no one is that cute without one.”

16. “You must be Magik, because you just cast a spell on me.”

17. “I think my heart just infinity warred.”

18. “Being around you is like being under Phoenix’s power.”

19. “Hey Captain, wanna fly away with me?”

20. “Without you I feel like I’m in the MCU without a hero.”