Best Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Pick Up Lines

The fresh prince of Bel-Air was one of the most iconic and beloved sitcoms of the ’90s. If you’re looking to make someone laugh with your wit and charm, consider trying out some of these Fresh Prince of Bel-Air pick up lines.

1. “You must be the Jazz to my Will because you complete me.”
2. “Our bond is so strong, I think we must be cousins.”
3. “If you were a basketball game, I’d never miss a shot.”
4. “My love for you is more complete than Carlton’s dance moves.”
5. “I think Phil and Viv must have sent you from heaven.”
6. “You can call me Will, ’cause I’m about to get jiggy with it.”
7. “It’s like the hallway to the pool room – you have beauty, brains and brawn.”
8. “From the moment I saw you, I’ve been searching for the Fresh Princess of Bel-Air!”
9. “You must be Aunt Viv, because you make me see the world differently.”
10. “I’m fascinated by you, like Jazz is by Will’s corny raps.”
11. “If I were on a sitcom, the audience would vote us the cutest couple.”
12. “You must be the Aunt Viv to my Will, ’cause your beauty’s to die for.”
13. “Is there a part in the Fresh Prince theme song that says ‘Unforgettable Love?'”
14. “We would be a power couple, more powerful than Will and Carlton at basketball.”
15. “My heart is beating like the ’90s rap song our characters would dance to.”
16. “You must be the cool breeze of Bel-Air, ’cause I like the way you move.”
17. “I’m feeling like one of the ’90s fashion trends – head over heels for you.”
18. “I feel like that old-time rock ‘n’ roll is playing, ’cause I just can’t help falling in love with you.”
19. “I’m ready to enter the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ – but I need a beautiful princess to join me.”
20. “My attraction for you is so strong, it must have been Uncle Phil’s doing.”