Best Direct Message Pick Up Lines

Introducing the perfect icebreakers for your next conversation—these are twenty creative Best Direct Message Pick Up Lines to get the attention of someone special and break the ice!

1. Hiya cutie, I’ve been meaning to ask you something that’s been on my mind: How’d you like to get to know each other a little better?
2. Hey gorgeous, I didn’t know DMing someone could be this hard, but how do you feel about having a chat?
3. Hi there beautiful, I bet you didn’t know someone like me was thinking about you!
4. Good morning cutie, have you ever thought of letting me be your prince charming?
5. Hi there sweetheart, if I told you I’m staring at you from across the room, would you believe me?
6. Howdy cutie, what do you say to getting together to celebrate something special?
7. Hiya handsome, do you think you can make time for a wild adventure?
8. Hi there sweetheart, I feel like I already know you, but would you like to make it official?
9. Hey gorgeous, I know it’s a long shot, but how about giving me a chance to impress you?
10. Hi there gorgeous, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to talk to you.
11. Hiya handsome, do you think you could be my Valentine?
12. Hey beautiful, could you show me what it really means to be swept away?
13. Good morning sweetheart, can I be the one to make your dreams come true?
14. Hey there cutie, maybe I can take you away in a whirlwind of fun and excitement?
15. Hiya beautiful, I know it might sound too good to be true, but can I have your love and attention?
16. Howdy sweetheart, do you think you can give me the chance to prove my love?
17. Hey gorgeous, I think I’m falling for you—would you like to take a chance on me?
18. Hi there handsome, let’s make the magic of love a reality!
19. Hey beautiful, would you give me the chance to show you what real romance looks like?
20. Hiya cutie, can I be the one to prove that fairy tales really do come true?