Best Conversation Starters With A Guy

1. Ask him about his day: This is a classic conversation starter that always sets the tone for an engaging conversation. Pair this with a genuine interest and you’ll be sure to get the conversation going.

2. Talk about his hobbies/interests: Ask about the hobbies he enjoys or find out what topics he’s passionate about. Knowing what interests him will open up a whole world of conversation topics.

3. Make a joke: Don’t be afraid to make a corny joke—sometimes humor is the best way to start a conversation. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a laugh out of him and break the ice.

4. Ask what he’s learning: People are constantly learning new things, whether it’s a language or music. Asking him what he’s learning right now will start off a great conversation.

5. Tell a story: Nothing grabs someone’s attention like a good story. Share something fun or embarrassing that’s happened recently that will get him laughing or talking.

6. Ask about his travels: Everyone loves to talk about their travels and share their experiences. Ask him his favorite place he’s ever been or his must-do activities.

7. Ask what he’s watching: Whether it’s TV or movies, talking about his favorite shows or movies provides engaging conversation.

8. Ask what music he’s currently into: Music is a great conversation starter that can connect both of you through shared interests and personal connections.

9. Ask what he’s reading: Reading provides plenty of conversations starters and opens up possibilities for sharing book recommendations.

10. Talk about pop culture: Talking about current trends in music and movies can provide plenty of laughs and offer insight into his personality

11. Discuss current events: Ask about his opinion on current events that are on your mind. This discussion could take you to some interesting places.

12. Ask about his favorite food: Talking about food can lead to sharing stories of past experiences and discussing the flavors that make dishes something special.

13. Talk about current challenges: Asking him how he’s dealing with challenges in his life (and sharing yours) will open you up to meaningful conversations.

14. Discuss goals: Asking him questions about his goals and helping him achieve them will show him that you’re interested in getting to know him better.

15. Ask about his favorite childhood memories: Talking about his childhood will help you learn more about who he is and how his past experiences have shaped his future.

16. Discuss his family: Asking him about his family will help you get to know a bit more about his background and relationships.

17. Discuss his current career/educational goals: Talking about his career path and the steps he’s taking to reach his goals will help bridge the gap between the two of you.

18. Ask about his pets: If he has any pets, ask him about them, share funny stories, and maybe even exchange pictures.

19. Discuss his likes/dislikes: Ask him what he likes and dislikes about his current life. This can give you a lot of insight into who he is and provide you with bonds to draw closer.

20. Ask about his future: If he’s willing, talk about his hopes and dreams for the future. This will provide you with an opportunity to support him and offer help.