Best Conversation Starters On Hinge

Intro: Hinge is one of the leading dating apps and it employs conversation starters that allow users to make connections quickly. Here are 20 intriguing conversation starters for Hinge users.

1. What have you always wanted to try but haven’t yet? This is a great question to learn more about someone’s hobbies or interests.

2. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? This is a good way to find out what’s important to the other person and what kind of advice they live by.

3. What did you do last weekend? A great way to learn what someone enjoys or is up to.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Perfect for discovering someone’s dreams or fantasies.

5. What are you proudest of in life? This question can let you know more about the other person and their values, enabling you to connect deeper.

6. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? A great conversation starter to find out about the other person’s adventurous nature.

7. Describe yourself in three words. This is a great conversation starter to get a sense of how the other person views themselves and what their priorities are.

8. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? A great question to get a sense of what type of dreams the other person has and what they value.

9. What’s something you’re looking forward to? A great way to find out what the other person makes time for and what puts a smile on their face.

10. Do you know a lot of people with the same interests as you? This question will help you discover how often the other person gets to enjoy their hobbies and passions, as well as how much of a social circle they have.

11. What’s something about you that would surprise people? This can be a great conversation starter that gets the other person talking about unknown secrets and interests.

12. What kind of superpower would you want and why? This amuse question can provide a lot of insight into the other person’s dreams and aspirations.

13. What do you value most in friendships? A great question to get to know the other person at a deeper level and truly see what they value.

14. If time and money weren’t a factor, what would be your dream job? This question can let you know a little more about what career path the other person would have gone down if not constrained by time or money.

15. What books, movies, shows or music are you currently into? A great way to find out what kind of stories and music the other person enjoys.

16. Do you prefer adventure or comfort? This question can reveal what kind of lifestyle the other person enjoys and how often they like to go out of their comfort zone.

17. What do you think the world needs more of and why? This can reveal what kind of values the other person holds and how they would like to make an impact.

18. What’s your favorite way to spend a day off? A great question to find out how the other person likes to relax.

19. What do you appreciate most about life? This is a great conversation starter to get to know the other person’s priorities and values.

20. What one thing would you like to learn or do in the near future? A great way to find out what type of plans the other person has in their near future.