Best Carl Hiaasen Book To Start With

1. Tourist Season (1986): This classic Hiaasen novel follows a Miami newspaper reporter’s investigation into the mysterious deaths of tourists in the Florida Keys. It’s an action-packed tale with plenty of laughs and a cast of colorful characters.

2. Skinny Dip (2004): This tale of a woman thrown from a cruise ship and her husband’s quest to find the culprit is full of the witty dialogue and wacky characters Hiaasen is known for.

3. Hoot (2002): This children’s book is a great place to start for adults who want to get an idea of Hiaasen’s writing style. It tells the story of a group of kids who fight to save burrowing owls from being driven out of their habitat.

4. Bad Monkey (2013): Hiaasen’s latest novel is a hilarious and suspenseful crime story set in the Florida Keys. It follows a Miami detective who teams up with a woman who has a pet monkey to investigate a suspicious death.

5. Lucky You (2007): This novel follows a woman who inherits a fortune from an eccentric uncle and quickly finds herself in the middle of a wild and dangerous adventure. It’s full of the humor, suspense, and unforgettable characters that Hiaasen is known for.