Best Bumble Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys

Introduction: Country music and its lyrics have been a great source of pick up lines for many years, so here are 20 creative country pick up lines to try out!

1. “I’d love to be the reason you fall to pieces, just like in this country song.”
2. “If I asked you out I reckon it’d be an absolute hit.”
3. “I was wondering if you’d like to take a ride in my pick-up truck.”
4. “I sure hope you take me a little bit more seriously than that jukebox does.”
5. “I swear I ain’t never seen nobody like you, not even in that country song.”
6. “I’d be willing to try it all over again if you really think we could make a love story out of it.”
7. “Baby, I promise whatever you wish for is sure to come true, like in that country song.”
8. “Let’s just pretend we are the stars of this classic country song.”
9. “Girl, as long as I’m with you I don’t care where I am, it’s better than anything I heard in that country song.”
10. “My heart’s been plucked like a banjo string the moment I saw you.”
11. “Let’s just both walk away and no one will know what happened, like in that country song.”
12. “Don’t be scared of the sound of my heart beating like a drum. I just want you to be with me.”
13. “Tonight we’re gonna write a song about us, it’s gonna be a hit just like a country song!”
14. “I just want to pick you up and take you away, like in that country song.”
15. “For you I’ll be on my knees and writin’ songs, all the biggest country hits are made of love.”
16. “I wanna talk to you like a fiddle playing in the background of this country song.”
17. “Would you be my sweetheart and I make you mine, because you’re the only thing I need in this country song.”
18. “I’m just a small town girl, but I love the way you hold me, just like in the country song.”
19. “Don’t let the haters come between us, nothing’s gonna break us apart just like in this country song.”
20. “Let’s just let the music play and make us both stay, like it’s the finale of a country song.”