Best Books On Preaching

1. Preaching with Bold Assurance: A Solid and Enduring Approach to Engaging Exposition (2020) – Written by H.B. Charles Jr., this book is a comprehensive guide to crafting effective sermons that connect with listeners. It provides insight into the biblical text and offers practical advice for crafting powerful, confident messages.

2. The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative (2005) – Written by Steven D. Mathewson, this book is a must-read for preachers looking to improve their understanding of Old Testament narrative. It provides insight into how to craft memorable sermons that bring the stories of the Bible to life.

3. The Power of Preaching: Proclaiming God’s Word with Passion and Purpose (2012) – Written by Warren W. Wiersbe, this book is an essential guide to preaching with passion and purpose. It provides practical advice on how to craft effective sermons that will move and inspire listeners.

4. Preaching with Freshness (2002) – Written by Michael Duduit, this book is a valuable resource for preachers looking to craft sermons that are both fresh and relevant. It offers practical advice on crafting messages that will engage and inspire listeners.

5. The Craft of Preaching (2015) – Written by David L. Larsen, this book is a comprehensive guide to crafting effective sermons. It provides insight into the fundamentals of sermon preparation and delivery, and offers practical tips for crafting memorable, engaging messages.