Best Books For New Lawyers

1. The Law of Lawyering (A Handbook on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct) by Stephen Gillers, published in 2011:
This comprehensive guide provides a comprehensive understanding of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. It explains the rules in detail, as well as provides practical advice for practicing law.

2. Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing: Structure, Strategy and Style by Richard K. Neumann Jr., published in 2019:
This book provides an in-depth look at legal reasoning and legal writing. It covers the fundamentals of legal argumentation, as well as provides tips and strategies for writing effective legal documents.

3. The Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Responsibility by John S. Dzienkowski, published in 2010:
This book provides an overview of the ethical obligations of lawyers. It covers topics such as conflicts of interest, client confidentiality, and professional responsibility.