At Home Date Night Dinner Ideas

Introducing date night at home: spice up your night-in with these delicious and creative dinner ideas!

1. Grilled steak and salad.
2. Grilled salmon with roasted vegetables.
3. Chicken enchiladas with Spanish rice.
4. Gourmet burgers with homemade fries.
5. Lasagna bake with garlic bread.
6. Grilled vegetable flatbread.
7. Roast beef sandwich with homemade chips.
8. Grilled cheese with tomato bisque.
9. Stuffed shells with Caesar salad.
10. Teriyaki chicken and vegetables stir-fry with brown rice.
11. Baked honey garlic chicken with warm couscous.
12. Grilled lobster with steamed veggies.
13. Creamy chicken alfredo with garlic toast.
14. Baked pasta shells with asparagus.
15. Tomato and spinach quiche with side salad.
16. Crabcakes with roasted potatoes.
17. Mushroom risotto with roasted asparagus.
18. Greek meze platter with pita wedges.
19. Chicken parmesan with garlic mashed potatoes.
20. Baked shrimp and broccoli in white wine sauce with buttery noodles.