9 Factors That Define Charismatic People

Charismatic people – no matter what field – possess certain qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. You seem mesmerized by the person, like to be around him/ her and tend to trust what they say. Here are some of the most important qualities that you would find in a charismatic person.

1. High Self-Esteem

This is a characteristic that jumps out immediately when you interact with a charismatic person. Yet, this trait is often contextual. In other words, you may find a person owning the world in certain fields – usually their field of expertise – and surprisingly shy in others.

The areas where they are comparatively reticent, would more often than not be personal relationships, i.e. friendships, love, camaraderie, etc. It goes to prove that charisma is often connected with the level of knowledge and expertise one has over a topic/ field.

2. High Level Optimism

Charismatic people radiate optimism. They are cheerful, happy and full of life and never rest too long on their mistakes or problems. They seek solutions and move forward. They think positive and they infuse optimism in everyone they work with and everything they do.

3. High Level of Emotion

Charismatic people emote easily. They are not afraid to show that they feel hurt, happy, disappointed, anxious, hopeful and so on. By showing their emotions, they invoke strong emotions in their followers and through it they connect and build trust. There is always an emotional connect with charismatic leaders.

4. High Energy Levels

A charismatic persona will always be driven by huge amounts of energy. These people do not wait, they do not want to waste a moment. They are always on the go; they are always charged and in full swing. This is because they have fire in their belly and feel compelled take action immediately. People who work with and for charismatic people would always tell that you they feel charged by the level of energy they exhibit.

5. High Level Drive

Charismatic people have a very high level of drive. They get fully involved in every facet of the work and while they are at it, they forget to eat, sleep, or rest. They give their 100 percent and more to what they do, and inspire others to give their 100 percent as well. The high level drive comes from their unshaken belief in what they do.

6. High Clarity in Vision

A charismatic person’s focus never wavers no matter what they do. The vision is very clear and whatever they do, they do with the vision in mind. This is apparent in everything they do. The belief in what they do and the clarity about the vision is infectious – it inspires people to do more and better. The vision reflects in everything they do.

7. High Level of Motivation Power

A charismatic person is excellent with words. They can motivate anyone almost effortlessly. Their motivational power is high because they believe in what they do and are convinced that they will succeed. This is very important when motivation is used; for example a salesperson cannot sell a product/ service until and unless he owns and believes in it entirely.

8. High Level of Interest

A charismatic person will show deep interest in what others say. They make people feel good, precious and important. At the same time, charismatic people are interesting to listen to; they know their subject, think out of the box and always know what they are talking about.

9. High Level of Intelligence

Charismatic people also possess high levels of intelligence. Do not confuse “intelligence” with education. The person might not be highly educated or educated at all, but he can still be a charismatic person/ leader. The high level of intelligence would be obvious in every aspect of life, which not only makes him/her attractive and interesting, but also someone on whom others come to rely upon in times of difficulty.