75 questions to ask yourself before you decide to attend college

  1. Could I really go to college if I really wanted to? 
  2. Is it better for me to just start working right now? 
  3. Is it possible for me to see myself returning to college in the future if I choose to put off going to college now? 
  4. In the event that I decided to go to college right now, what would be my major? 
  5. Is it possible for me to see myself being happy with that particular major two years into college? 
  6. What are some things I can see myself doing (and enjoying) for the rest of my life? 
  7. What makes me so passionate about going to college? 
  8. Is a double major something I would be interested in? 
  9. Is it possible for me to choose a major and a minor at the same time? 
  10. What do I plan on doing after I finish college if I decide to go to college? 
  11. Can I get into my chosen field of study relatively easily or is it competitive? 
  12. Do you have any ideas as to how I will spend my college years? 
  13. In what ways can I expect to be involved in campus life on a regular basis? 
  14. Could you please tell me where I should go to college? 
  15. What would make me want to go to that particular college? 
  16. Is it better for me to live on campus or off campus? 
  17. Could you please tell me the top five reasons why I should live on campus?
  18. Can you tell me the top five reasons why I should live off campus? 
  19. Are students who graduate from the college I’m considering having a high success rate? 
  20. At this point in time, am I realistically able to afford to attend college? 
  21. What are my chances of getting scholarships, grants, or loans to pay for college at this time? 
  22. To further my education at this time, am I willing to incur debt in order to do so? 
  23. I am considering attending a college that offers the major and/or minor I am interested in? 
  24.  Is it true that I will have a job while I’m in college? 
  25. In order to attend college, am I willing to move to another town? 
  26.  Will I commute to college in order to go to school? 
  27.  Do you think I would ever consider taking an online class? 
  28.  What sort of institution would I prefer, a public one, a private one, or a technical one?
  29. Is there a time limit on how much time I am willing to devote to studying? 
  30. What is the amount of time you are willing to spend on your homework? 
  31. Do you think I would be interested in the honors program? 
  32. Would it be better for me to attend a small or large school? 
  33. Are there any classes that are the right size for me? 
  34. Is it possible for me to keep myself motivated when things get tough? 
  35. Is it possible for me to see myself happy with going to college? 
  36. Is it possible for me to see myself as happy if I did not go to college? 
  37. How sure am I that I won’t change my mind about this decision in the future?
  38. I would like to know what academic resources I will be able to utilize in the future? 
  39. Would it be possible for me to participate in the social life on campus? 
  40. Are there any extracurricular activities that I would be interested in participating in? 
  41. Can I attend only day classes if I am interested in doing so? 
  42. Do you think I would be interested in attending night classes? 
  43. Can I attend classes at the weekend if I am interested in doing so? 
  44. Do you think I would be interested in taking some classes online? 
  45. Is there a possibility that I might need daycare services available to take care of my children while I am in classes? 
  46. Is there married student housing available at the college I am considering attending? 
  47.  Is it important to me to live close enough to be able to walk or ride my bike to college? 
  48. Can the college I’m interested in providing me with career services to help me find a job after I graduate? 
  49. Is it true that I am mentally prepared to go to college? 
  50. Is it true that I am socially prepared to attend college? 
  51. What kind of person would I be if I was to “grow up” and be independent? 
  52. Would I be interested in participating in Greek life? 
  53. Are there any scholarships or grants that I am eligible for? 
  54. How likely is it that I will be able to continue on to graduate school? 
  55. Before applying to graduate school, here are some questions to ask yourself 
  56. Why is it that I am interested in going to graduate school? 
  57. Is this something that I really want to do right now? 
  58. What is the reason for me to do this at this particular moment? 
  59. Is there a reason why I want to put off this task until later on in my life? 
  60. How would you describe the type of degree you are seeking? 
  61. Could you please tell me where I should study?
  62. Can you tell me what kind of learning experience I would like to have? 
  63. Is there any possibility that my plans for graduate school could be affected by my marriage or children? 
  64. Does anyone in my family pressurize me into going to graduate school? 
  65. Are there any pros or cons to attending a full-time program? 
  66. How does attending a part-time program compare with attending a full-time program? 
  67. I would like to know how much graduate school will cost me. 
  68. Is it possible for me to afford to go to graduate school? 
  69. Do you think I will be able to get scholarships/grants to attend graduate school? 
  70. Is it necessary for me to take out a loan to pay for graduate school? 
  71. The following questions should be asked before deciding to go to college
  72. What made you decide to go to college at the time that you did? 
  73. How did you come to the decision to delay going to college? 
  74. Is there anything you regret about the decision you made? 
  75. Did you have the opportunity to work while you were attending college? 
  76. Was it easy for you to find a job in the field you majored in when you graduated? 
  77. Can you tell me anything you wish someone had told you when you were trying to make this decision that you wished they had told you? 

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