60 questions to ask yourself before getting divorced

  1. Would I be okay with the possibility of being alone for the rest of my life? 
  2. Do I think that I have done everything I can to make my marriage work? 
  3. What is the best way for me to ensure that this does not happen again in the future? 
  4. Do you think there is anything I can do to make my marriage better? 
  5. Are you still in love with your spouse? 
  6. Were we ever in love with each other in the first place? 
  7. Was there ever a time when we had a marriage to begin with? 
  8. Would I really like to get divorced? 
  9. Could you please tell me if I’m just threatening divorce to get my own way? 
  10. Is my decision being influenced by an emotional reaction? 
  11. Do I make my decision based on a true understanding of myself and my situation? 
  12. How did I come to the conclusion that I wanted a divorce? 
  13. Why do I want a divorce? What is the reason for my desire for a divorce? 
  14. Is it true that getting a divorce will have negative consequences on my life? 
  15. After the divorce has been finalized will I be able to act maturely? 
  16. Can I be mature during the divorce process? Will I be able to act with maturity through the divorce process? 
  17. Is it worth it to me to spend a year – or more – fighting this divorce? 
  18. Is staying with my husband or wife more harmful than good for me and my family? 
  19. When it comes to getting a divorce, what is the most civil way to do so? 
  20. What will happen to the children if the parents divorce? 
  21. What will happen to me if I get divorced?
  22. What went wrong with my marriage? Where did it go wrong? 
  23. Would you like to know what it is that I truly desire? 
  24. Would it be worth it to end my marriage over what we’re fighting over? 
  25.  Is it possible for me to put forth the effort to make my marriage work? 
  26. Does my relationship with my spouse have any emotional unfinished business? 
  27. Is it true that I have researched what I have to do in order to get a divorce? 
  28. Do I have a plan for my divorce? 
  29.  What have I done to prepare myself financially for a divorce? 
  30. Would it be possible for me to keep my opinions about my spouse to myself? 
  31. Is it possible for me to refrain from talking badly about my spouse to the children? 
  32. Do I have the willingness to co-parent my children with my spouse? 
  33. I am getting a divorce, but what am I teaching my children by doing so? 
  34. Would you be able to tell me whether someone outside of my life is currently influencing me to get a divorce? 
  35. In what ways have I supported my spouse so that he/she can be the best person they can be? 
  36.  What am I doing that is hurting my marriage? Have I thought about what is hurting my marriage? 
  37. In what ways do I communicate with my spouse? 
  38. Can you tell me what it means to “fight fair”?
  39. Are you aware of the impact our differences have on our marriage? 
  40. Is it true that I am not aware of how much my past affects my marriage? 
  41. Is it correct that I may maintain my identity and be married at the same time? 
  42.  Do I have a conversation with my spouse about the possibility of a divorce? 
  43. Is it true that we are simply going through a phase? 
  44. Is it because I am looking for someone else that I want this divorce? 
  45. What can I expect from my life after this divorce? How will it be different? 
  46. What support system am I going to have in place after the divorce is finalized? 
  47. Is it possible that my spouse and I may benefit from some counseling? 
  48. Is the example I set for my children a good one? 
  49. Would you consider me to be divorced already? 
  50. I do not know why I am so eager to get a divorce.
  51. What do you think about my entitlement to more? Do you think I have a right to more? 
  52. How much do I give as much as I believe I should receive? 
  53. Can I say that I feel even a tiny sliver of love for my spouse? 
  54. Would it be worth it to throw away our marriage because of this problem? 
  55. What is my fear of remaining in the relationship if I don’t know what the future holds? 
  56. What is my feeling about how my life will be after the divorce and how I will deal with the unknowns? 
  57. Is it more harmful to stay married than to divorce? 
  58. Do you think our marriage has been strained by outside stress? 
  59. Would you consider divorcing me if I had sexual difficulties? 
  60. Can you tell me if my standards for my spouse are impossibly high? 
  61. Do I have unrealistic expectations for my marriage? Are my standards impossible to meet? 
  62. Can I support myself financially if I am financially stable? 
  63. How do I feel about getting a divorce? Do I have any internal conflicts about it? 
  64. Is it possible for me to deal with the unpleasant details of the divorce? 
  65. Is there anything I can do to cope with the unpleasant effects of the divorce? 
  66. Is it possible for me to help my children deal with the effects the divorce will have on them? 
  67. Would you say that I am ready to be in charge of my own life? 
  68. Is it possible to be civil with my spouse when it comes to the children?