50 Things You Need To Know To Express Your Love

  1. Tell your loved one “I love you.” 

To show your love, the very first thing you should do is to say it out loud. For example, I always say “I love you” to my husband. There are times when we verbalize our feelings and there are times when we just use the hand signal for “I love you”. A few seconds of your time is all it takes to say “I love you.” to your partner, but it means the world to them.   

  1. Stay true to who you are. 

To make your partner happy, don’t try to be someone you aren’t just to impress him or her. Do not try to portray the roles of fictional lovers such as those you see on television or in a movie. When you relax and stop trying to be someone or something you aren’t, your partner will know that you love them. You can just be who you are.  

  1. Treat your partner to a massage. 

You can give your partner a foot massage or back massage at the end of a long day. Doing this once in a while will speak volumes, you don’t have to do this every night. In the evenings, my husband and I do give each other a back massage- sometimes we even throw in a foot massage if the day has been particularly tough. 

  1. Send flowers to your loved ones. 

If you would like to send flowers to someone, there is no need to wait for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. If your partner works somewhere where it is possible for him or her to receive deliveries, consider sending a bouquet of flowers along with a simple card that simply says, “Thinking of You.” Or, if he or she is unable to receive deliveries, consider bringing home a bouquet of flowers or even a single rose in the color that your partner enjoys.  

  1. Prepare dinner together as a family. 

Make sure you spend time together cooking a meal. There is a benefit to having dinner together since it is the evening meal and you can settle in together afterward. You can prove to your wife that you really love her if you help her out when she is cooking dinner. Additionally, if you help her clean up after the meal, you get bonus points.  

  1. Take the family to the movies. 

Put on your favorite movie and curl up on the couch with your partner. Even if it is not your favorite, it is their favorite. It will make your partner happy and it will help you grow closer to each other as well. 

  1. Schedule a date night for the two of you. 

Take the time to take a date night with your significant other at least once a week, if you’re able to. Make sure not to answer your phone or respond to emails. In order to give your partner all of your attention, it is best to turn the phone off completely. Then, you can show them how much you love them by tuning out everything else.  

  1. Ask your partner to do something that he or she normally does. 

The best way to surprise your partner is to randomly do a household chore that they normally do. If she normally cooks, take out is a great option. It would be nice if you could take his vehicle to the car wash, vacuum it, and fuel it for him so that he does not have to do it. I can think of several possibilities.   

  1. Prepare the favorite meal of your partner. 

It is quite common for kids to set the tone for family meals when you have them as part of your family. You should be focusing on your partner and what they like once a week instead of the kids all the time. When the meal is over, if the kids are old enough, ask them to clear the table and then get started washing the dishes so that you and your partner can have a few minutes together.  

  1. You and your partner can go for a walk together. 

It would be great if you could go for a walk together. If you feel like you want to talk about something that’s going on, you can do that, or you can just quietly enjoy the beauty of nature together. Make sure you hold hands to reassure your partner that you love them and are always there for them. Touch is a powerful way of showing your love and caring for your partner.  

  1. It is important to accept the love of your partner. 

One of the easiest ways to show your partner that you love them is to simply accept the love they give you. When your partner compliments you, don’t try to pick yourself apart- that will only show your partner that you don’t love them as much as you say you do. I know it can be difficult, especially if you suffer from low self-esteem- but when they compliment you, say “Thank you” – don’t point out what they are doing wrong.  

  1. Take the time to compliment your partner. 

You should compliment your partner when she gets a new haircut or color. Whenever he comes home from the office after a long day of work, compliment him.  

  1. Don’t forget to say “thank you.”.

Let him know how much you appreciate him being such a great provider for your family. Thanks for being such a wonderful mom to the kids, please tell her “thank you”. It is very important to say “thank you” to your partner and this shows them that you value and love them.  

  1. Create “Love” Coupons for Your Partner and give them to him or her as a gift. 

If you go to your local bookstore, you will be able to find “love” coupons there. Most of the time, they are not very expensive. There are many tires available on the market, ranging from love-making sessions to granting your wildest imaginations. Alternatively, you can also design your own to customize them to suit your own relationship- these can be a lot more fun.  

  1. Send your partner a sweet text message at work.  

There is no denying that this is a strategy you don’t want to overdo because you don’t want to be texting your partner while he is in a big meeting, but every now and then, try to send a sweet message to him. If you feel you would like, you can simply say “I love you,” or, if you feel that you would like to, you can be a bit more flirtatious. As my husband is away from home during the day, we often send each other sweet texts – saying things such as “thinking of you” and “can’t wait to kiss you when you get home.”  

  1. Have a cup of coffee together when you get up. 

My husband is a truck driver and I work from home as a writer. I always get up first thing in the morning and start the coffee for him before he is woken up. Usually at the weekend, I wake him up with a kiss and then I start brewing the coffee before we get up together and have a cup of coffee together. I like this because it gives us some alone time before anything else comes up.  

  1. Take part in a devotional together. 

In the weeks following our wedding, my husband and I went out shopping for a good couple’s devotional book. We read the devotional for the night every night, before we go to sleep, and we discuss it together.  Together you will be strengthened and your relationship will be strengthened as you do a devotional together. 

  1. Take part in a collective prayer. 

We also pray as a part of our daily routine. Whenever we eat, as well as at night before we go to sleep, we pray. As you pray, you show the person you love them because you are dropping all of the things you are doing and focusing solely on each other and God. By doing so, you will also bring you and your partner closer together. 

  1. Find a hobby that your partner enjoys and join him or her in it. 

Participate in a hobby that your partner enjoys together with your partner. For example, does he like hunting or fishing? Take the opportunity to tag along with him and have him teach you how to cast a line or shoot a gun. What is her favorite thing about flowers? Would you like to try it? It is possible, however, that you may discover that their hobby is something you also enjoy. 

  1. Share a book together. 

To read and discuss a book, you do not have to be a member of a book club. Pick a book together at the bookstore and discuss it together. You could also try reading a few pages- or even a whole chapter- every day and then discussing what you read. That way, you will have some quality time together. 

  1. Make Him Feel Special. 

When you have been married for quite some time, you tend to neglect the small things that are important to you. Whenever you are going to be at home all day, it is a good idea to stop putting on makeup. It is a good idea to tie your hair up in a simple ponytail. I suggest that you fix yourself up for a few minutes before he gets home from work. There is no need to wear a fancy dress for this. Simply brush your hair into a favorite hairstyle and put on a little bit of lipstick. 

  1. When your partner is talking to you, pay attention to what they are saying. 

You should stop what you are doing when your partner speaks to you and pay attention to what he or she is saying. If you are talking to someone, look them in the eye and try to feel what they are feeling in their heart. Don’t try to give her advice if she is having a hard time with something, just try listening to her. Give him the opportunity to vent about work if he needs it. 

  1. Do not challenge his advice, but rather take it as it comes. 

My dear ladies, I know this one is going to be a real challenge forthat I have a difficult time with it myself- it is not something that comes naturally to me to listen tThe one thing that comes naturally to me is questioning and challenging what I am told and chaleven if I follow my husband’s advice from time to time, it lets him know that I do love and appreciate him and that what he has to sayppreciate him and that what he has to day is important. 

  1. Keep your partner close to you at a social event.

Whenever you and your partner are attending a social event together, try to stay close to one another, especially if it is an event where one of you does not know many people. Be sure not to leave your partner out when you’re out socializing with your friends or associates- include them in the conversation as well. 

  1. Make Your Partner Laugh At Your Jokes. 

The joke your partner tells is something you’ve heard a hundred times before and it really isn’t funny. Don’t worry about it. It is a wonderful way to show your partner that you love and appreciate them when you laugh with them, instead of laughing at them.  

  1. Always Keep A Picture Of Your Partner In Your Wallet Or On Your Phone. 

My phone is filled with pictures of my husband and I have lots of them. In fact, I even made him my phone’s wallpaper when he was away a lot so that I could see his smiling face every time I looked down at it. 

  1. Have a discussion about your future together. 

It is extremely important that you and your partner talk about your future together. In this way, you’ll be able to let them know that you do envision a future together, and it is very beautiful to see. 

  1. Take a look at old pictures together. 

The old family photo books are out along with a bottle of wine. Taking a look at pictures from your childhoods and up to the memories you have made with each other is an enjoyable way to spend your time together. As a result of the advent of modern technology, it is becoming harder and harder to find a family photo album today- everyone has digital pictures. Hence, this is a great way for you and your friends to create memories together.  

  1. Take photographs of the event. 

Find a local photographer and have them take some pictures of you and your significant other. This does not mean that they have to be the traditional ones, in a studio. Make sure you find someone who will photograph you in nature, so that you can go to some of your favorite places and just be silly together. You can then print these photos and keep them in an album.  

  1. Call each other by their nicknames. 

Make up silly or sweet nicknames for each other and use them when you are alone to keep each other entertained. I always say ‘good morning sunshine’ to my husband when he wakes up every morning. If I’m not feeling well or I forget, he asks me why I didn’t say it. When it comes to calling me, he is always coming up with silly things. I’m never sure what to expect when I’m around him- he always keeps me guessing and I like that. 

  1. Select a song that will become “ours.”

You should pick a song or two that represents your relationship. My husband and I have a couple of songs that make us smile and think of each other when we are apart. We often sing along together when they come on the radio when we are together. We sang a song called “Cowboys and Angels” – he’s my cowboy and I’m his angel. 

  1. Share love letters with each other. 

We should take the time to write each other sweet love letters. In this age of technology, we tend to use email or text messages to communicate with each other. Try taking the time to write each other a handwritten love letter. Over the course of our relationship, my husband has written me quite a few letters and I have written him quite a few as well. The letters we wrote to each other over the years are still preserved by both of us. 

  1. Don’t forget to check in with the family of your partner. 

If you would like to check in with your partner’s family, give them a call. I believe that there is nothing that says I love you more than showing interest in your partner’s family. They will be able to see that you truly care about them and want them to be part of your life because you are truly concerned about their family. In particular, when you marry someone, it isn’t just about marrying them – it is about marrying their family as well. When you marry a person, make them feel loved and cared for. 

  1. Have a sense of adventure. 

It is very important to keep your relationship fresh and new at all times, even if it can be easy to get into a comfortable routine. Always be open to trying new things. Rather than going about your usual Saturday routine, get up, get dressed, and take off for the day. Don’t plan what you’re going to do. Just see where the day takes you. In my experience, I tend to overplan most things, so it is quite refreshing when I just let go and let things take their course.

  1. Do not force yourself on anyone. 

Do not force your partner to do something he or she does not like doing, especially if they don’t like it. As a result, if you force your husband/boyfriend to do the dishes, and it is something he absolutely hates doing, he is probably going to resent you for it. In case she finds that cutting the grass or working in the flower beds is something she doesn’t want to do, then don’t force her to do it. 

  1. Enjoy your time together as a team. 

Having fun together is just as important as being adventurous. Make sure that you do not get sucked into the every day routines of married life and family life. Spend some time watching a comedy together. Have a good laugh together. Play with one another. 

  1. Compromise is an important skill to learn. 

The two of you don’t always have to agree on everything. You should learn how to compromise with each other. Don’t be afraid to do what he wants sometimes, and he will do the same for you sometimes as well. The best thing to do is to talk things over – weigh the pros and cons of all the big decisions and take turns making the smallest ones, like where to have dinner. When we go out to eat, I have to admit I am not a big fan of Chinese food (for instance, I don’t like Chinese food), but my husband loves it- so there are times when I give in and go to our favorite Chinese restaurant. 

  1. Admitting your mistakes is the first step towards moving forward. 

It is important to admit that you are the one in the wrong when you have a fight. Do not brush it under the rug or expect it to just disappear on its own. It takes courage to admit you are sometimes wrong, but when you admit it to your partner you show your love for them a lot more than you show your love for being right. 

  1. Apologize to the person you hurt. 

In the same way you tell your kids to apologize when they hurt each other, you should also apologize to your partner when you hurt them. It is true that hurt can drive a wedge between you and your partner, but when you express your apologies, you can soothe the situation and let them know that you are sensitive to their feelings. 

  1. Do not be jealous of others. 

Don’t be jealous of your partner’s friends that are of the opposite sex if they have the same interests as you. I would strongly recommend that you don’t snoop through your partner’s phone or social media accounts to see who they are communicating with. In fact, you should not be offended if he and his buddies are talking about how beautiful she is. If it’s true, you should be able to admit that, as well. Likewise, be nice to his female friends if you hang out with him. They will report back to him if you are snobbish to them. 

  1. Let your partner do what he or she wants to do. 

Allow your partner to go out by himself or herself if it’s something that he or she enjoys. Allow your partner to go out to play basketball with his buddies if that is something he or she enjoys. It is okay for her to go shopping with her girlfriends if that is what she enjoys doing. The fact that you love each other does not mean that you have to spend all of your time together. It is well known that absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

  1. Keep a positive attitude at all times. 

As you can see from all the negativity on the television, it can be easy to let it bRegardless of what you do, you should always try to keep a positiveThe world is full of negativity and you shouldn’t let it ruiny of thDo not allow the negativity of others to affectet the negativity Try to laugh and smile at the situatYou must make sure that your complaint is backed up with five positive things that you like, if you must utter a complaint. You can back it up with five positive things that you do like and appreciate. 

  1. Be truthful to yourself. 

In some cases, you may find it extremely difficult to tell your partner the truth, since sometimes the truth hurts. I know that the last thing you want to do is hurt your partner, isn’t it? I believe that this is a very loving thing to do, because it demonstrates what it means to be honest and respectful. However, do not use the words “always” or “never”. Also, do not raise your voice. There are many ways that you can use nice words to point out any weaknesses and then offer to help them overcome those weaknesses. 

  1. Find out what your partner’s love language is. 

Every person feels and expresses love in a different way. Discover what makes your partner feel loved, and learn how to act in ways that will make them feel that way. People feel most loved when they are spoken to with words of love, but some people feel most loved when they are taken care of or when they are given gifts. Some people feel loved when they receive physical touch from you or when you do something for them. 

  1. It is important to trust that your partner will acknowledge your efforts. 

Make it clear to your partner that love is not a competition. Don’t make it that way. Validation is very important, but you shouldn’t be asking for it all the time when you do something nice for your partner. The fact that they don’t necessarily express excitement about something you give them or do for them is not an indication that they don’t appreciate what you do for them. It may just be a bad day, or they may not be feeling well. 

  1. Ensure that He Is Presented To Others In A Positive Light. 

Be sure to speak positively about your husband or partner when you’re in front of your friends or family. As much as it may be tempting to get around girlfriends who are complaining about their husbands or partners and to start berating your own, refrain from doing so. It is especially important that you speak positively about your children’s father. It is especially important that you refrain from criticizing him publicly. 

  1. Always say “Thank you” and “Please.”

It may seem like another pretty simple one, but saying “please” and “thank you” to your spouse shows them you care about them and appreciate their efforts. The same way you expect your children to say it to get what they want, why wouldn’t you do the same with your partner? I believe that these “magic words” can go a long way when it comes to showing your appreciation and your love. 

  1. Be forgiving to one another. 

There is no denying that we are all humans, and we make mistakes every now and then. Therefore, it is important that you forgive your It is important that you don’t stay angry oIt’s important to remember the times when you were forgiven so that you don’t forgethe times that you’re forgiven so that you remember to forgive when your partner makes a mistake. 

  1. Explain what you are saying, don’t just say it. 

There is a little game that my husband and I like to plWe benefit when one of us says, “I love you”, the other responds, “But why?” This helps us to improve our communication skills, as well as to We were given the opportunity to talk about the things that made us fall in love with each other and made us fall in love with each t the things that made us fall in love with each other. 

  1. It is important to remember what love is. 

Keep in mind the meaning of love all the time. Love is not an emotion, but an act – a decision – that is produced as a result of one’s will. Each individual experiences and experiences love differently, and each person expresses and receives it differently. In order to meet the needs of your partner, you often have to deny yourself and your wants to be able to love them. You must do everything you can to make your partner feel your love. 


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