50 Questions to Before Getting Engaged:  Simple Questions to Discuss Together

You may wish to become engaged and are looking forward to the next step, or you may be undecided about continuing your relationship. Asking questions can assist you and your spouse understand each other’s opinions and values. But how can you know if marriage is the correct move for you? Answering these questions might assist you and your partner in determining whether or not becoming engaged is the next stage in your relationship. These questions have no right or incorrect answers. The responses may lead to additional topics that you and your group can discuss. As you answer these questions, I hope you will both be challenged. Take pleasure in discovering more about yourself and your relationship.

Are you someone who…?

Are you a person who is physically affectionate?

Do you have any animal allergies?

Do you have a close relationship with your family?

Do you get along with your neighbors?

Do you belong to a political party?

Have you been arrested before?

Have you ever been dismissed from a job?

Have you ever traveled by airline, ship, or train?

Have you ever been stopped by the police?

Have you ever been afflicted with a major illness?

Have you ever been infected with a sexually transmitted infection?

Have you ever had surgery on your body?

Have you ever harmed a creature?

Have you ever sought the advice of a therapist?

Have you ever tried marijuana?

Have you been sexually assaulted or violated in the past?

Have you ever been a member of the military?


How far apart do you want your children to be?

What significance do wedding anniversaries hold for you?

How vital is it for you to spend time alone?

How vital is it for you to spend time with your friends?

How long do you want to wait before starting a family?

How many automobiles do you believe a family should have?

What is your desired number of children?

How many hours per week do you want to work at your current job?

What level of schooling would you wish to have?

How much sleep do you get on a regular basis?

How frequently do you use your credit card?

How frequently do you want to travel?

What should we do in the event of a financial emergency?

How will we plan our vacations with your families?

How are you going to fund your education?

What are your thoughts on…?

What are your thoughts on keeping guns in our house?

What method do you use to acquire your daily news?

What are your plans for funding your retirement?

What are your plans for the key holidays?

What method do you wish to use to pay for a car?


What are some of your favorite activities to do with your friends?

What are your thoughts on contraception?

What do you do with your evenings after work?

What features of your look do you admire the most?

What are your thoughts on public kissing?

What is the justification for going into debt?

What sort of automobile do you think you’d want to own in the long run?

What political concerns are important to you?

What station do you listen to on the radio?

What television networks do you enjoy watching?

What kind of phone do you have, and what kind of plan do you have?

What kind of home would you like to live in?

To you, what would be the ideal weekday evening?

What exactly is…?

What factors do you consider while purchasing a vehicle?

What is the most appealing aspect of marriage?

What is your ideal occupation?

Which season of the year is your favorite?

What does an ideal weekend look like to you?

What’s the best way for you to go around on a daily basis?

What are your thoughts on abortion?


Where do you shop for clothes?

What city would you like to reside in?

What places would you want to visit?

Where do you buy for groceries?


Who is going to clean the house?

Who is going to pay the bills?

If you have children, who will look after them throughout the day?

Who is going to take out the garbage?

Would you want to…?

Would you describe yourself as a night owl or a morning person?

Would you want to have a housekeeper?

Would you ever relocate for career or education reasons?

Would you mind if I had to relocate because of my job?

Do you have any…?

Do you enjoy making repairs around the house?

Do you believe a family budget should be established?

Do you believe a prenuptial agreement should be signed before a marriage?

Do you wish to send your kids to a private school?

Do you believe that kids should be spanked?

Do you attend a church?

Do you go to the gym?

Do you have insurance for your vehicle, renters, house, or health?

Is Valentine’s Day important to you?

Do you have a birthday celebration?

Do you now follow a faith other than the one in which you were raised?

Do you make charitable contributions?

Do you consume alcoholic beverages?

Do you anticipate receiving a Christmas greeting card?

Do you anticipate receiving a present around the holidays?

Do you think bills should be split according to a proportion of each person’s salary?

Do you have any favorite players or sports teams?

Do you abide by the law?

Do you follow a unique dietary regimen?

Do you like to gamble?

Are there any pets in your house?

Do you have a bank account?

Do you believe in God?

Do you have health-care coverage?

Do you enjoy being around animals?

Do you enjoy having music playing in the background in your home?

Do you enjoy visiting museums?

Do you mind if other people spend the night at your hour house?

Do you enjoy cooking?

Do you enjoy dancing?

Do you require some alone time?

Do you own or rent a vehicle?

Do you like to be in a city, a suburb, or a rural setting?

Do you take a cigarette?

Do you know any other languages?

If your parents are still in your life, do you care what they think of you?

Do you take any prescription drugs?

Do you ride the bus or train?

Do you participate in volunteer work?

Do you participate in the electoral process?

Do you prefer to rent or buy a home?

Do you have a home theater?