21 Questions About Cleanses Answered

It seems like cleanses are all of the rage these days. Our friends and our
family might be speaking about a cleanse they just did or are planning on doing.
There is regular media coverage on new cleanses. Master Cleanse! Raw food
Cleanse! Green Smoothie Cleanse! We are being peddled cleanses on T.V. and in
our shopping malls. Lose weight! Feel great! Get an energy boost! Remove
dangerous toxins! Cure cancer! The hype raises many questions. What is a
cleanse? How do you cleanse? What are the benefits of cleansing? What are some
types of cleanses? In this book I will answer all of these questions and many
more. By the end of the book you will have a solid foundation on cleansing.

I will begin by answering the question, “What is with the hype surrounding
cleanses?” The hype is that with all of the toxins our bodies come into contact
with every single day, we are becoming a nation of very unhealthy people.
Toxins can be absorbed into our bodies in many ways, including the foods we eat,
the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Toxins are poisons to our systems
that can damage tissues and cause many health-related symptoms.  Chemicals can
be toxic and seep into our bodies through the air, our food, or water.
Pesticides, second hand cigarette smoke, and pollution can all be toxic to the
human body.

Body cleanses are about resting, cleaning, and nourishing the body.
Detoxification begins by eliminating the poisons from the body, then nourishing
it with healthier foods.  A body cleanse can help prevent disease and help the
body stay healthy. Eating the right foods after a total cleansing of the body
will ensure the results will last.

Toxins in the body could be responsible for the tired feeling so many people
report having every day of their lives.  The poisons could also be causing
headaches, intestinal problems, anxiety, nerve disorders, sleeplessness,
depression, and mood disorders.  Toxins may even be responsible for some birth

On the other hand, all of these health problems have been around for as long as
people have.  It is hard to say whether the problem is greater now than ever or
just reported more often as people have an easier time getting health care for
minor annoyances. Some of the reports on the dangers of the toxins we are
exposed to come from companies who are trying to sell their cleanses so it can
be very difficult to know who or what to believe. The news is enough to scare
people into trying anything to get rid of the poisons in their bodies.

Hype established, I am going to answer 21 questions that you might have about
cleanses. In this book you will find foundational information on cleansing with
some interesting tidbits that may lead you to further research.

Q1 ~ What is a Body Cleanse?

The purpose behind performing a cleanse is to remove harmful toxins from the
body.  Many different types of cleanses exist, including ones to cleanse the
physical body, the mind, and the spirit.  There are several types of body
cleanses that can be done at home, either with purchased cleanse regimens or
from products that can be made at home.

Certain types of cleanses involve drinking only fruit juices or water for
several days to allow the digestive system to clear itself of everything.  With
other cleanses, people are instructed to use laxatives to clean out their
systems and still others involve eating only certain foods, such as fruits and
vegetables, for several days.  With these special diets some people report
withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and weakness. Hunger is also an
important consideration before choosing a diet based cleanse. It is often
believed that the only way to perform a body cleanse is by what is eaten or
drank, but there are other types of cleanses.  Some can be done by massage,
others by meditation, and still others by using gels or creams to draw toxins
from the body. I will discuss all of these topics in further detail later in the

Many people perform body cleanses when they begin to feel sluggish or rundown.
Others plan a body cleanse at the same time every month or every few months to
prevent toxins from building up in their body.  People who believe in a holistic
way of life firmly believe that body cleanses are necessary for a healthy body.

Q2 ~ What is the History of Cleanses?

The process of purifying the body goes back for centuries. Historians have found
written documents from ancient China that date back to 2700 B.C. that show how
to perform a body cleanse.  Historians have also found that as long ago as 400
B.C, people cleansed their bodies by eliminating certain foods and eating a
plant-based diet. Cleansing often began as part of a religious ritual. Native
Americans often performed purification, by fasting or by ingesting herbs, as
part of their religious practice.  They believed that they could more easily
commune with the natural world and the Gods that guided their lives when they
had purified their bodies.

Herbs and other plants have been used for centuries to clean out different
organs of the body, such as the colon, liver and kidneys.  Because these organs
are so vital to removing toxins from our bodies, it was believed that keeping
them clean and healthy was the most important thing a person could do to stay

People of ancient Greece and Egypt believed in auto-detoxification.  This is a
way of eating that encourages the body to cleanse itself.  Many of the beliefs
that were held in those long ago days are still believed today, such as eating a
plant based diet and drinking plenty of water.

Q3 ~ Why Should I Cleanse?

We no longer live in a natural world. Chemicals, pollution, and poisons have
pervaded our environment. These toxins are all around and seep into the body in
many different ways.  Everything that is eaten can contain toxins and so can the
water that is consumed.  Even the air has poisons in it that can harm the body.
A body cleanse can be used to detox the body and remove the toxins that the body
cannot get rid of itself.

When people hear the word toxin they might think of poison and become scared.
These poisons are not likely to kill a person themselves, but they can cause
real harm to the body as they aggregate.  Too many toxins in the body can cause
a person to feel many different ways.  Skin problems, such as acne, or hair that
is too brittle can be a result of too many toxins.  A change in sleeping
patterns or having little or no appetite can also be the result of high toxicity
in the body.  Nagging headaches, allergies, or sinus problems could also be
caused by the toxins that have gathered in the body.

Body cleanses are used to remove the excess toxins from the body to bring the
body back to a healthy state.  A healthier body can fight off diseases and
infections much easier.  People who feel better are more likely to eat right and
exercise which in turn brings about more positive results. Bodies with fewer
toxins are more likely to fight off cancer, heart disease, and other dangerous
health concerns.

One reason so many people use body cleanses is that it is easy and nearly anyone
can do it.  Of course, it is important to discuss body cleanses with a physician
before doing one to be safe.  Some doctors firmly believe in the detoxification
of the body while others are not so sure.  Most agree that it cannot hurt, but
before doing a detoxification, talk to a physician. If you are planning on doing
a cleanse that calls for the ingesting of herbs and you take any types of
medication you should be especially careful and discuss your plans with a
physician. Herbs and medications can have terrible reactions to each other that
could be dangerous.

Body cleanses tend to become more popular after the Christmas holiday season
when people are feeling especially stuffed and tired.  With so many celebrations
and parties, it is easy to over-indulge on food and alcohol.  People are also a
lot more rushed during that time of year and tend to eat more fast food and get
less sleep.  Exercising also takes a back seat to everything else that needs to
be done.  By the beginning of the New Year the excess and over-indulgence has
many people feeling sluggish and depressed. A body cleanse can help alleviate
those feelings and restore the body.  Weight gain can be controlled, or even
reduced, after doing a body cleanse and people often report feeling brighter and
happier.  These feelings encourage a healthier lifestyle and help fight the
post-holiday blues.

Another popular time for people to reach for body cleanses is late spring when
they start thinking about bathing suit weather and vacations.  Body cleanses can
help tighten the skin on the body and help get rid of the weight that was gained
over the winter.  By spring, many people are feeling “winter blahs” and doing
something as simple as a body cleanse to get ready for spring and summer can
help brighten their moods.

Q4 ~ Are there Dangers to Body Cleansing?

Despite the popularity of cleanses, some of them can be harmful to the body.
Cleanses that call for repeated fasting or only drinking liquids can be
especially hard on the human body.  If the chosen cleanse involves herbs, be
aware of reactions between the herbs and any medications that may be taken.  It
is also possible to flush out the good bacteria in the human body with a

With any type of cleanse that involves repeated or long-term fasting; many
experts are concerned about possible vitamin deficiencies that can occur when
the body is not given the fuel it needs to maintain good health.  The human body
needs a specific balance of vitamins, minerals, and proteins to work as it
should.  When these items are taken away, the deficiency can cause the body to
start breaking down muscles to get the nutrients it needs.  Blood-sugar problems
can also become a problem when fasting occurs often or over a long period of
time. In the process of trying to become healthier, people who frequently fast
can actually be inviting more health problems. When the body does not have the
nutrients it needs, it also becomes harder to fight off infections and
illnesses.  A balance of nutrients needs to be maintained for the best overall
health and even a small fluctuation can be a problem.

Anyone who takes medications should talk to their doctor before attempting any
cleanse that involves herbs.  Medications and herbs can react against each other
and may be especially dangerous.   Many body cleanses are available that do not
involve using herbs. If medications are taken an herb-free option might be the
safer option.

Some doctors raise the concern that fasting or juice only body cleanses can
actually harm the body by removing vital good bacteria from the intestines.
Many doctors feel that the kidneys, liver, and intestines do an excellent job of
removing toxins from the body and fasting to remove toxins is an unnecessary
risk.  The human body has many types of good bacteria and either fasting or an
all liquid body cleanse runs the risk of flushing this vital bacteria from the
body.  Losing this bacteria can cause the body’s natural flushing system – the
kidneys, liver, and intestines – to work improperly.  If they are not working
properly the body will be unable to remove toxins efficiently and this can cause
more health problems than the person had before the cleanse.

People can encourage the growth of bacteria in the body by taking probiotics and
eating fermented foods such as pickled vegetables or soy products.  Eating
yogurts is also an excellent way to grow helpful bacteria in the digestive
system.  With the right amount of bacteria in the body, the digestive system
will be able to flush toxins easier.

Another possible danger is that severe calorie restrictions over a long period
of time can cause headaches, irritability, and body pains.  These are often
exactly what people are trying to get rid of by performing a cleanse.  Some
fasting cleanses require the use of laxatives which can cause even more problems
like dehydration.

Pregnant women, older adults, and anyone with kidney or heart disease should be
extremely careful if they want to try to attempt a body cleanse. The danger may
be too great for any benefit that might occur.  People with digestive disorders
should also avoid fasting because of the danger of a flare up of the disease.

The body is made up mostly of water and dehydration can be devastating. The body
needs plenty of fluids so that it can function as it should.  Organs need a lot
of water to remove toxins and waste products from the food that is ingested each
day. Before attempting any type of cleanse preparations need to be made to
ensure that proper hydration is maintained throughout the entire cleanse. Juices
and green teas are healthy fluids, but water is the best option for keeping
fluid levels adequate during the cleanse.  Soda drinks and coffee actually
dehydrate the body so these are not good choices to keep the body hydrated.

Q5 ~ What are Some Different Types of Body Cleanses?

When most people think of a body cleanse, a water-only or juice-only cleanse is
often what they think of.  While these are certainly very popular choices, there
are many other types of body cleanses. A vegetable or fruit only diet is a
choice, as is fasting for several days or several times a month.  There are
pills available that are supposed to help flush toxins from the body and some
people use laxatives to completely flush their intestines.

For people who are concerned about changing their diet so drastically, there are
other options for a body cleanse.  Gels or creams can be purchased to be used
topically and draw toxins from the body through the skin.  Meditation is an
option as is massage therapy. Many people feel that anything that will help
reduce the stress the body feels will flush toxins from the body. Some people
argue that even exercise can have a cleansing effect among its other health
benefits.  Before any exercise program is started, be sure to consult a doctor.

Yoga and pilates are also considered to be useful body cleanses.  Ancient
civilizations believed a true purification of the body could not occur until the
mind, body, and spirit were one.  Yoga and pilates both offer exercises that are
meant to strengthen and tone the body while the slow, gradual position changes
encourage the mind and spirit to relax and become quiet.  Some experts feel that
the true toxin in the body is the stress that so many people live with each day.
To truly cleanse the body, stress relieving techniques can be considered a
great way to start.

Q6 ~ What is a Juice Cleanse?

For many people an easy body cleanse is one that can be performed over a weekend
and includes drinking a lot of juice and little else.  The idea is that the diet
of only juice will clean out the body and remove any potentially dangerous
toxins that may be lingering in the body.  Even some medications do not flush
from the body and a cleanse can help remove them.

A juice cleanse can be a way to clear out the toxins in the body or a way to
introduce a new, healthier way of providing nutrients to the body.  A juice
cleanse can take a little preparation.  About three days before the cleanse,
make sure to drink eight glasses of water each day and slowly eliminate bad
foods from your diet, such as soda, fast food, and junk foods.  This will help
adjust the body to the smaller amount of food that is consumed during a juice

ACTION PLAN: For a juice cleanse, start with an eight ounce
glass of water with half of a lemon squeezed into it and then drink six eight
ounce servings of juice throughout the day.  If hunger becomes a problem you can
have more servings. If the hunger persists eat a small portion of raw
vegetables, such as carrots or avocados.  Be aware of any odd symptoms the body
may be having and limit exercise to walking or stretching because the energy
levels in the body will be much different during a juice body cleanse.  Plan
relaxing activities, such as reading or mediation, during the body cleanse so
the mind and spirit can clear themselves as well. Be aware that the ears may
become more sensitive to sounds during the juice cleanse and plan activities

For several days following a juice cleanse, avoid anything too strenuous to
allow the energy levels to rise in the body.  Gradually add foods back into the
diet, but choose ones that are easy to digest. Many companies sell prepared
juice cleanses, but they can be expensive.  If the person choosing the juice
cleanse has little time this may be the way to go. A little thought can make
preparing juice at home just as easy and much healthier.  A blender and juicer
would be great to have at home to prepare juices as they are needed.  Smoothies
are always a great way to continue the healthy diet after the juice cleanse has
been completed. There are countless recipes on the web for different healthy
juices and smoothies.

Q7 ~ What are Some Ideas for Smoothies and Detox Drinks?

It is easy to find information on possible recipes for juice detoxifications.
Often, total body cleanses require a jump start drink to the day.  Different
green teas or flavored waters are often used to get the body cleanse started
each day.  Juices and smoothies created from various fruits such as pineapple,
mango, pomegranate and lemons are popular drinks to create each morning.  They
are also easy to pack for a busy morning.  Many juices can be made the night
before but for the best nutrients, juices and smoothies should be consumed soon
after they are made.

One popular juice is a vegetable juice with many colors of vegetables in it.
The more colorful the ingredients are before they are mixed, the healthier the
juice will be.  For example, a juice created from tomatoes, carrots, lemons, and
celery would be red, orange, yellow, and green.  A juice created from a wide
variety of colorful foods makes an awesome body cleanse juice that is very
healthy too.

Turmeric, ginger, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper is another popular juice for
people performing body cleanses. The turmeric is great for helping the liver
detoxify and the ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper all help the body remove
dangerous toxins.  Smoothies are a favorite way to start the day as they are
more filling than juices and help hold off hunger pains.  One delicious way to
start the day and cleanse the body at the same time is create smoothies with any
type of berries.  Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and cherries are all
delicious in smoothies.  Blend any choice of berries with almond milk, flaxseed
and some ginger for a terrific smoothie to start a body cleanse and keep the
stomach full until mid-morning snack time. 

Q8 ~ What is an example of a Diet Cleanse?

One of the most popular types of cleanses is a change in diet.  When a diet
cleanse is attempted the goal is to reduce the food the digestive system has to
deal with while still making sure the body has sufficient fuel to function as it
is supposed to. The purpose is to allow the body to perform its natural
functions optimally, which includes cleansing the body of toxins, rather than
having to deal with digesting an overload of food. This is a much less intense
option than fasting because the body is still getting fuel, but the focus is
still on letting the body do the work.

When a person is performing a body cleanse through their diet, the most common
procedure is to only consume fruits, vegetables, juice from these, and plain
water. It is much more natural for the body to digest fruits and vegetables than
it is too digest highly processed and preserved foods. It is also easier for the
body to digest fruits and vegetables than meats and dairy products. For these
reasons fruits and vegetables form the basis of a dietary cleanse. As mentioned
above, becoming dehydrated is a dangerous possible side-effect of cleanses.
Anyone who attempts a dietary cleanse should drink plenty of water and juices
made from fruits or vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables are full of water and are
and important part of most cleanses.

To get ready for a drastic dietary cleanse it can be wise to take some time to
prepare the body.  If a person typically consumes coffee, salt, sugar, animal
products, or alcohol, they should take time to reduce how much of each they
consume.  While the body cleanse will work if they do not reduce their
consumption, the withdrawal symptoms they may experience may cause them to stop
the cleanse.  Withdrawal symptoms can include headaches, nausea, and
lightheadedness.  Another preparation could be to remove the temptation of
non-cleanse foods from the house and to stock up on fruits and vegetables.

Organic fruits and vegetables are an excellent option but it is not necessary to
purchase only organic.  If possible, choose foods that are in season to get the
freshest choices.  You can use almost any fruit or vegetable you enjoy during
the dietary cleanse.  Some of the best options include: citrus fruits, berries,
grapes, coconut, plums, peaches, apples, bananas, pears, melon, squash, yams,
potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, carrots, peppers,
broccoli and cauliflower.  The body can easily digest each of these and it will
not disrupt the body cleansing process. I will further discuss the benefits of
certain foods in a future section.  Hundreds of recipes are available to help
people prepare new and different juice blends to keep their dietary cleanse from
being too boring and causing them to reach for a bag of chips or a bottle of

ACTION PLAN: The fruit and vegetable body cleanse is an easy
one for most people.  To begin, eat as many fruits and vegetables for breakfast
as needed to feel full. An avocado can help the stomach stay full until lunch.
A large salad can be prepared for lunch that includes as many vegetables as
desired.  If needed, eat a steamed potato after the salad to stay full until
supper.  Remember to drink water throughout the day.  For supper plan to eat any
combination of fruits and vegetables as desired but make sure to consume as many
vegetables as fruits.  Snacks throughout the day can be raw fruits and
vegetables or smoothies created from them. If chewing foods is a problem, a
blender can be used to mash the foods into softer servings.  Whether the foods
are chewed or mashed will not matter in the cleanse process.

This type of diet is perfect for a weekend cleanse or as a way to completely
change the way a person eats.  Withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and
tiredness may be felt, and can be very strong, during the first few days.
Often, after a few days, most people start to feel better.  If other foods are
going to be reintroduced into the diet, it should be done slowly, such as a
serving of fish or eggs in the evening. Depending on how your body reacts, you
can slowly increase servings and serving sizes if desired.

Often people report feeling so much better when they change their diet for a
cleanse they change their eating habits permanently.  An all plant-based diet
can be very healthy but protein intake may be a concern.  If a plant-based diet
is going to be permanent, be sure to find a way to add protein to the diet in
order to stay healthy. If you want to try to be a strict vegetarian lentils,
beans, nuts, soy, seeds, and hemp are all options to getting the protein that
the body needs. Otherwise, lean chicken, fish, and eggs are all easy ways to add
protein to a diet. 

Q9 ~ Can a Raw Food Cleanse Really Clear the Body of Toxins?

The hardest things for the body to digest and flush out are heavy fats and
starches.  The fast foods that many people seem to survive on are full of
everything the body has a hard time cleaning out of the digestive system.  It
may seem to be too dramatic to try a raw food cleanse, but giving the body a
rest from the onslaught of unhealthy foods can help it cleanse itself of the
poisons that are making people sick each day.

A raw food diet can be extremely hard to follow, especially to those who feel
they will not get full or who do not have time to prepare for it. One of the
most important reasons to try a raw food body cleanse is the ease of preparation
and the almost non-existent side effects. Beyond feeling hungry, with possible
headaches due to that, the raw food diet is safe for most people. There are no
pills to swallow and no herbs that may react with any medications that are being

ACTION PLAN: To prepare for a raw foods body cleanse, a person
needs to write a list of all fruits and vegetables that are liked and can be
consumed raw.  Nuts and seeds are also acceptable, if they are not salted or
roasted.  Some people even consume honey that is raw and locally produced, as to
be sure it has not been processed.  Water is a very important part of the diet
to help the body feel full. The water can be flavored with ginger, lime,
cucumber or mint to add variety to the diet. Generally the only maxim for a raw
food diet is to eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you need to feel
satisfied. Fruits and vegetables are so low in calories and high in nutrition
there is no need to calorie count or be overly restrictive of your intake.

To give the raw food cleanse time to flush the toxins from the body, plan to
follow the diet for at least 5 days. Remember that any fruit or vegetable can be
eaten on this diet and plan to mix and match each to be creative about tastes
and what tastes good together.  Salads are easy ways to use raw vegetables and
can be prepared ahead of time.  It would be rare that you can find raw salad
dressing to add, but a little lemon or raw olive oil can be sprinkled over it.
Broccoli and carrots are easy to pack and make excellent choices for a
mid-afternoon snack.

Pecans and other nuts can add a little variety to the raw food cleanse and can
also help the body feel full longer. Fruit salads make great snacks for when the
body is craving something sweet.  Plan to drink plenty of water and remember
that an all raw food diet with a lot of water can make trips to the bathroom a
frequent need.

A raw food body cleanse allows the body time to flush out dangerous toxins from
the digestive system.  Because these foods are so much easier to digest than
meats, heavy starches and fatty foods, it gives the body a rest and time to work
on getting rid of those poisons.  Not only are raw vegetables and fruits easy on
the body, they are full of the vitamins and minerals that so many people are
desperately missing in their every day diets.

Following a raw foods body cleanse can easily become a habit.  Even if a person
adds small amounts of meat or proteins to the diet, it is a good possibility
that weight loss will occur and illnesses will become fewer.  Fruits and
vegetables are low in calories and many are mostly water.  This allows a person
to feel full and still lose weight in a healthy, controlled way.

Body sugar and cholesterol levels are more easily controlled by this type of
diet as well.  People with digestive problems or other health issues should
consider following a raw foods diet to keep their body clean.  If there you have
health problems, talk to a physician before changing the diet so dramatically.
People who choose to follow a raw food diet will not be as likely to need a
total body cleanse in the future.

Q10 ~ What is the Master Cleanse?

The Master Cleanse has thousands of people who firmly believe that it helps them
lose weight and get rid of the toxins in the body.  However, there is scant
scientific proof that the Master Cleanse does either.  It is a juice fast that
has been slightly modified. To begin, people on the Master Cleanse are not
allowed to eat any food during the cleanse.  Then instead of juices, they drink
a specially prepared lemonade.  The lemonade is made with two tablespoons of
juice from an organic lemon (usually half a lemon will work for this),  two
tablespoons of maple syrup that is organic and grade B (cannot use the syrup
most people use on pancakes), and one tenth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
Add each of these ingredients to ten ounces of filtered water and stir. Those
are the ingredients for a typical serving. On average people will drink 4-8
pints of this lemonade concoction throughout each day they are on the cleanse.
It is recommended that people go on the cleanse for roughly 10 days for the best
results. Though, it is common do this cleanse for a weekend.

People who believe in the Master Cleanse say it removes toxins and excess fat
from the body.  It can aid with temporary weight loss. What often happens is
that when the person on the cleanse goes back to eating as they used to, the
weight will come back. A cleanse itself is not the end of the story. To remain
healthy one must maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

While the Master Cleanse may be safe for a very short period of time, it may
still cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, dehydration and fatigue.  Anyone who
decides to do a Master Cleanse of the body should plan ahead to be sure they can
take it easy during the cleanse.  Long term use of the Master Cleanse can have
dangerous side effects, such as a loss of muscle mass.  The Master Cleanse is
not designed as a long term weight loss solution and special care should be
taken when deciding to try this cleanse.

Many nutritionists call the Master Cleanse a crash diet and firmly believe it is
an unhealthy way to detoxify the body or to lose weight.  The lemonade mix is
devoid of all the types of needed protein, minerals, and vitamins that the body
requires to function properly.  The long term effects cannot be measured easily
and many experts would advise against doing the Master Cleanse for an extended

Q11 ~ How Do Specific Body Parts Cleanse The Body And Can They Be Cleansed?

The human body has an amazing system to eliminate waste.  Sometimes there is too
much waste or toxins that have accumulated and they are not easily removed from
the body.  Some people believe that each organ of the body needs their own
cleanse in order for the body to be truly healthy.  Some doctors do not believe
this is necessary or even possible because the body works as an integrated
whole, but for people who fully believe in the need for body cleanses, cleansing
each organ is vitally important. There do appear to be some things you can do to
help parts of your body function more efficiently. No matter what you believe,
it is interesting to know the cleansing functions of different parts of the


The liver is the largest gland in the body and does a multitude of things.  It
works to take toxins from the blood, produces red blood cells, produces bile to
digest fats, and stores iron and various vitamins.  The liver regulates blood
composition and works to remove any toxins that are in the blood before the
blood leaves the liver for other parts of the body. Because the liver has so
many functions, it is very important to keep it healthy.  There are many foods
that help cleanse the liver to keep it functioning properly.  Among these super
foods are beets, tomatoes, citrus fruits, cabbage, carrots, spinach, walnuts,
apples, avocados, broccoli, and asparagus. Spices can be used to help clean out
the liver, too, such as turmeric and garlic.  Drinking green teas and using
olive oil can also help the liver cleanse itself.


The kidneys are other organs that help remove waste from the body.  Most of this
is done by urination so drinking plenty of fluids helps the kidneys function as
they are supposed to.  Every day, they remove up to two quarts of water from
foods that are consumed.  Most experts agree that kidneys do not need any extra
cleansing, as long as a person takes in enough water from liquids and foods that
are eaten, such as fruits and vegetables. However, for those people who believe
each organ needs to be cleansed, there are ways to cleanse the kidneys.  Several
companies market pills or drinks that claim to cleanse the kidneys. The safety
of some of these products has been questioned.

For anyone who wants to prepare their own kidney cleanse, using herbs is a very
popular way to start. Many herbs have qualities that aide in removing toxins
from the kidneys, such as dandelion, nettles, goldenrod, ginger, parsley and
marshmallow root.  These herbs can be sprinkled over food or made into teas.


Doctors do not recommend cleansing the colon unless it is in preparation for a
medical procedure. In that case, the physician will give specific instructions
on how to prepare for the cleanse.  There are many ways to keep the colon
healthy that are not dangerous to the body.  The easiest one is to eat properly
and let the body take care of itself.  To maintain a healthy colon, eat plenty
of apples, avocados, spinach, cabbage, celery, flax and chia seeds.  Each of
these super foods contains nutrients that will help keep the colon clean.

If a person truly feels the need to cleanse the colon, there are many products
available for sale. Be sure to carefully read the warning labels on any product
that is chosen and follow the directions exactly as written. The colon can
cleanse itself and does not really need a super cleansing unless recommended by
a physician.


The largest organ of the human body is the skin. It absorbs toxins from the air
every day and is often a place where toxins that are not removed from the body
through the digestive system end up.  Extra weight around the middle of the body
can be caused by toxins lying near the skins surface. Eating healthy will help
the skin, but there are also different products designed to remove those toxins
through the skin.

Many body creams and gels are available to help pull out the toxins.  There are
several types and each person will need to choose the one that is best for them.
One type is a cream that is rubbed onto the body at night and removed the next
morning.  Others involve adding a prepared liquid to a hot bath and soaking for
thirty minutes.  Another one is a gel that is rubbed onto the body and then
plastic wrap is used to keep the gel tightly against the skin for as long as the
person wants.  Many people have reported exciting numbers of inches lost around
their body after using products such as these. However, many of these are
extremely expensive and experts believe the inches lost are actually water loss
and not permanent. Again, these products need to be carefully researched and the
directions followed carefully. Recipes are also available that can be prepared
at home for use in the bath.  These may be cheaper and healthier than purchased


Enzymes that are produced in the stomach break down all food that is digested
and helps to remove any potentially dangerous toxins that may have been
ingested. Often, in the late spring, people see that their stomach is not as
flat as they would like and reach for a stomach cleanse to achieve the desired
sexy belly. However, a stomach cleanse will probably not be enough to ensure the
stomach becomes and stays flat.  Only proper nutrition and plenty of exercise
will achieve the desired results.  To jump start a new diet, a stomach cleanse
can be used, but remember that stomach cleansings will cause the need for a
bathroom to be close by at all times.  Be sure to plan ahead before beginning
any stomach cleanse.  A one to three day fast is often the first thing
recommended for a stomach cleansing, followed by using the cleansing product and
increasing exercise.  Remember that energy levels in the body will be lower due
to the fast, so do not overdo the strenuous workouts.


Many people do not think about their lungs when they consider a body cleanse.
However, the lungs are constantly assaulted by mold, pollution, dust, and many
other harmful things in the air every day. People who have quit smoking often
want to cleanse their lungs to help them heal faster from the harmful aspect of
smoking.  Herbs are often used to cleanse the lungs because they can be an
expectorant to help cough up the congestion in the lungs. Herbs can also soothe
airways when they become irritated and can help relax muscles to calm bouts of
coughing.  Herbs can even fight organisms that can cause problems in the
respiratory system.

Any of the following herbs can be used to help clear the lungs from harmful
toxins. Osha root has been used for hundreds of years to aid the respiratory
system.  It contains camphor and increases the circulation to the lungs which
allows deeper breaths.  Many people already use various products with eucalyptus
to help with respiratory problems.  This herb is an expectorant, fights
congestion and helps sooth irritated airways.  It even boosts the immune system
to help fight colds or flu.  Peppermint is another very popular herb that people
reach for when they have respiratory problems.  Peppermint is so strong that
even candy that is flavored with peppermint can open airways and fight

Q12 ~ What Specific Foods can Help Cleanse the Body?

Many foods can help the body cleanse itself.  With fatty foods so readily
available, it can be tough to eat properly each day. The foods below can help
optimize the functions of different parts of the body. If they function properly
they are able to clean themselves and the need for a total body cleanse becomes
less likely. In fact, eating healthy can definitely prevent the need for a
drastic total body cleanse.

·                     Apples contain phlorizin which
stimulates bile production and helps the liver detoxify itself. Apples are also
full of fiber and that helps pulls additives from foods and metals from the
body.  It is advisable to eat only organic apples because other types are in the
top twelve foods that contain the most pesticides.

·                     Artichokes help with the production
of bile in the liver.  This allows the liver to cleanse itself of the toxins
that can build up in it.

·                     Avocados are quickly becoming a super
food because they contain antioxidants and help lower the cholesterol in the
body while dilating the blood vessels.  They also have a nutrient that can block
many different types of carcinogens.  Besides helping cleanse the liver, the
list of benefits from eating avocados includes lower body weight and higher good
cholesterol levels.

·                     Beets help the body cleanse itself by
making sure the toxins that are removed actually leave the body.  They purify
the blood and help clean the liver.  Beets also help fight infections.

·                     Blueberries contain detoxifying
super-nutrients called proanthocyanidins.  These berries are also full of
antibiotics to prevent bacteria or toxins from gathering in the urinary tract.

·                     Brazil Nuts are vitally important in
getting mercury removed from the body.

·                     Basil contains many antioxidants to
protect the liver.  It helps rid the body of toxins that build up because it is
a diuretic that aides in flushing out the kidneys.

·                     Broccoli and broccoli sprouts aid the
enzymes in the liver to convert poisons into something that can be easily
eliminated from the body.

·                     Cabbage is another food that helps
the liver cleanse itself.  It also helps the body go to the bathroom regularly
which in turn helps the entire body rid itself of toxins.

·                     Cilantro is one of the few foods that
help remove metals from tissues so it can attach to other toxins and be flushed
from the body.

·                     Cranberries have been proven to
remove many different types of toxins from the body.

·                     Dandelions are very helpful to
cleanse the liver and pancreas of poisons in the bloodstream.  They are also
helpful in cleansing the digestive tract in the body.

·                     Flaxseeds are vitally important when
detoxing the body.  The fiber in the flaxseed binds to toxins and helps to flush
them from the intestinal tract of the body.  Men need to be cautious when
consuming flaxseed as it can mirror the effects of estrogen on the body.

·                     Garlic is included in almost all body
cleanses because it helps the liver remove built up toxins from it.  There is a
lot of sulfur in garlic and sulfur is an excellent detoxifying food.

·                     Ginger can be added to hot water for
a tasty tea or the root can be chewed on.  It is important in cleansing the
liver of alcohol or fatty foods.

·                     Grapefruit boosts the function of the
liver and is full of nutrients that help other glands work to their fullest

·                     Green Tea is included in almost all
total body cleanses because it is full of antioxidants and helps with removing
poisons from the body.

·                     Hemp is full of antioxidants and is
vitally important in removing heavy metals from the body.  It also helps keep
the digestive tract clean.

·                     Kale boosts the body’s ability to
cleanse itself every day and prevents a buildup of toxins in the body’s organs.

·                     Lemongrass has been used for
centuries to cleanse the kidneys, bladder, liver, and the whole digestive tract.
It is most often made into a tea for a total body cleansing.

·                     Lemons are often part of total body
cleanses because the help change toxins into a water soluble form that can
easily be removed from the body.  Lemons are especially helpful in cleansing the

·                     Olive Oil is another
ingredient often used in body cleanse recipes.  It helps the liver cleanse
itself of toxins and to expunge any gallstones.

·                     Onions can be used to gather the
mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium that can be in foods that are consumed
daily.  This vegetable also boosts the liver’s ability to remove built up

·                     Parsley is full of all types of
nutrients that protect the bladder and kidneys and enables them to cleanse
themselves every day.

·                     Pineapples have an enzyme that cleans
the colon when it is consumed.  It also helps improve digestion and that aids in
the body’s ability to remove the toxins each day.

·                     Seaweed is rarely thought of as a
food, but it has an amazing ability to bind to radioactive toxins that get into
the body through food that has been grown where the soil has been contaminated.
It can also help remove heavy metals that are hard to remove from the body and
are especially dangerous to a healthy body.

·                     Watercress is an amazing food to help
the liver perform its own cleansing.

·                     Wheatgrass is another important food
that aids the liver.  It also lowers blood pressure, among other numerous health

Each of these foods will aid certain organs and glands in getting rid of
built up toxins in the body. The other health benefits are too numerous to
mention, but include prevention of disease, lowering cholesterol levels,
boosting immune system and protecting bones and muscles.  They should be
consumed often, not just for their ability to help the body perform its own
cleansing, but for these other health benefits as well.

Q13 ~ What are Signs that a Cleanse is Working?

While some people claim all body cleanses have side effects, others say the side
effects are actually proof that the cleanse is doing what it is supposed to and
removing toxins from the body.  As always, any symptom that becomes acute should
be discussed with a physician as soon as possible.

Signs that the body cleanse is working usually last a few days. Skin problems
may worsen as the body flushes impurities from the skin and rashes may occur.
Other signs to watch for include bad breath, weakness, nausea, headaches, muscle
aches, fever, irregular heartbeat, tiredness, dizziness, and dark urine.  All of
these are signs that toxins are being flushed from the body and that the cleanse
is working as it is supposed to.

The more toxins that are built up in the body, the more acute the symptoms of
the flushing will be.  If a person has a health problem, the symptoms of that
health issue may become more acute during a cleanse.  Some believe that a
healing crisis may happen during a cleanse that mirrors symptoms of past
illnesses.  Sleeplessness, sinus congestion, fever, and extreme tiredness may
all occur while the body is cleansing itself.

To overcome any healing crisis, plenty of water needs to be consumed and the
person needs to rest just as if they were recuperating from an illness.
Proponents of body cleanses urge people to not give up the cleanse when the
symptoms become too uncomfortable as these are signs that the body is actually
healing and becoming more healthy.  Plenty of liquids and rest should alleviate
the discomfort of the healing process.

Peppermint tea may help relieve some of the symptoms, such as upset stomach or
headaches.  Drinking additional water may also help to flush out the toxins
quicker.  Anyone who plans to perform a body cleanse needs to choose a time when
there will be plenty of time to rest during the cleanse as the person may not
feel able to stay in their normal routine.

Total body cleanses can make the body healthier, but flushing the poisons from
the body can make anyone feel worse for a few days.  If the symptoms do not
alleviate quickly, or become too severe, always be sure to contact a physician.

Q14 ~ What is Fasting and How is it a Body Cleanse?

Fasting is a period of time when one abstains from foods and liquids. Fasting
can range from refraining from certain foods, to only drinking liquids, to not
ingesting any foods or liquids at all.  For thousands of years people have been
fasting to purify their minds and bodies of anything that may be clogging their
system.  Scientists have offered fasting as a way to heal illnesses and some
doctors believe that fasting can cure not only physical pains, but also mental
and spiritual problems.

Many religions believe that through fasting one can reach higher states of
consciousness and communicate with a higher power. The ritual of fasting is
common in all of the major religions. Christians will undertake a partial fast
for 40 days in observance of Lent, usually abstaining from a particular food.
Both Muslims and Jews take total fasts, abstaining from all food and drink,
including water. The most important days for Jews to fast are Yom Kippur and
Tisha B’Av. Observant Muslims will fast for the whole month of Ramadan. During
this month they will abstain from all food and drink from sunrise to sunset. The
personal reasons offered for fasting in a religious context can range from
wanting to avoid temptation, to purification, to paying obeisance to the
dissolutionary phase of manifestation.

In the context of your physical body, the idea behind fasting is to give your
body a break from the everyday need to digest food and eliminate waste. Much
like a vacation gives people a rest from their typical routine and helps
recharge their minds and spirits, fasting gives the body a rest. The withdrawal
from food and routine help the body, mind and spirit reconnect and discover what
it really needs. The body cleans out toxins that it cannot remove when food is
going through the digestive system.  Bad diets can cause toxins to build up in
the body and fasting can help clear the toxins from the lymph system, colon,
blood, kidneys, lungs, sinuses, liver and skin.

Fasting has become a popular alternative therapy but before undertaking a fast
you should consult your physician. While some colds and flus and other medical
conditions may be helped by a fast, anyone with severe health issues should not
consider fasting a safe way to cleanse. There are many potential side effects to
fasting including headaches, muscle aches and nausea. The hunger pains can also
become quite unbearable at times.  Each body reacts differently and you might
feel any or all of these symptoms at various times throughout your fast. These
symptoms may be considered part of the fasting experience but your
health should always be your primary concern. Be gentle with yourself and end
your fast if you feel ill.

If you have a liver or kidney disease, heart problems, diabetes or are pregnant
you should avoid fasting.  Anyone who takes medications should avoid fasting as
well as many medications require a meal to work properly. The most potentially
harmful dangers can occur with long term fasting. These can include a dangerous
drop in blood pressure, emotional distress, and persistent cold.  If any of
these symptoms occur, a fast should be stopped immediately.  It is also
important to note that a person can become hooked on the effects of fasting and
become anorexic.

Health concerns aside, hundreds of millions of people fast every year without
trouble. Whatever the initial reason for conducting a fast, the experience often
turns visceral. Fasting is a total experience. As the body, spirit and mind
become more in tune, spiritual awareness heightens. I find going into nature
especially conductive for connection. The magnitude of this experience becomes
incredibly apparent. There is a chance to let go of pain from the past because
it appears so irrelevant. A walk in nature during a fast can be an
extraordinarily healing experience.

Fasting is also a very communal experience. This is especially true if you are
fasting as part of a religious observance. Regardless of whether you are a
devout practitioner or just partaking in the fast, there is a deep feeling of
community and comradery when fasting with others.  Breaking a fast with a feast
is one of those special experiences that everyone should have.

Q15 ~ Are there Pills that can be Used to Cleanse?

There is an almost unlimited number of pills that promise a total body cleanse
if they are used.  Nearly every health and supplement store has its own name
brand of pill and each guarantee that anyone who uses their pill will feel
healthier in as little as a few days.  It is up to the consumer to choose which
one fits their needs and budget.  Some of these medicines can be very expensive.
Pill regimens can last anywhere from two days to several months depending on
the type of pill that is chosen.

Many of the pills that are used for body cleanses can cost anywhere from twenty
dollars to well over one hundred.  Some pills are for specific body parts, while
others are for a total body cleanse. Pills can cause headaches, nausea, and, in
some instances, many trips to the bathroom. It is best to be prepared before
taking any of them.  Carefully read the information that comes with the pills to
be sure you are aware of the potential side effects.

The most common side effect of body cleanse pills is stomach cramps.  It seems
that nearly everyone who consumes these pills will experience stomach cramps of
varying degrees. Other side effects that can be felt are weight loss or gain,
muscle pain and weakness, sluggishness, and heartburn.  Women can develop
irregular periods or even no period at all.  Both men and women can experience
enlarged or tender breasts.  Anyone who takes a body cleanse pill can have
hives, headaches, nausea, or dizziness.  Any of these side effects can become
serious. If they become too critical, a visit to a doctor may be needed.

Severe side effects are also possible and if any of these are experienced, a
doctor needs to be contacted immediately.  These are rare but need to be taken
very seriously if any occur. Anyone who becomes uncoordinated or has muscle
weakness anywhere in the body needs to see a doctor.  An increased risk of
bleeding as well as an abnormal heart rhythm is possible.  The heart may stop
completely or muscle damage may affect the kidneys and cause permanent kidney
damage.  The central nervous system can be affected and may cause problems with
mental alertness.

Anyone who takes daily medication should discuss their body cleanse choice of
pills with their doctor before they take any.  Many medications will react with
others and this can be dangerous. Even pills that promise they are only herbal
medicines should be a concern and warrant a discussion with a physician.

Q16 ~ What are Alternative Ways to Perform Cleanses?

Many people want the results of a body cleanse but are concerned about
drastically altering their diet or taking any type of pills.  Laxatives are
especially concerning to most people as dehydration is a very real possibility.
There are ways to remove toxins from the body that do not involve taking any
medication, fasting, or changing the diet.

One idea is to try dry brushing the skin.  Each morning and
evening, use a natural bristle brush or a dry loofah to brush the skin.  Start
at the feet and brush the entire body.  This helps to promote lymphatic drainage
and encourages the toxins stored under layers of skin to loosen and flush from
the body.

Another way to flush toxins from the body is try a steam bath.
Because it is so relaxing, it helps flush negative thoughts and feelings from
the mind and spirit as it encourages toxins to loosen and come out through the
skin.  Be careful not to get too overheated while enjoying the steam as this may
cause dizziness or a lightheaded.

Meditation is another awesome way to cleanse the body.  Because
the mind, body and spirit are all tied together so closely, relaxing the mind
and spirit will also allow toxins to flush from the body.  While many believe
meditation requires special music or training all that is truly required is a
quiet spot where the person feels comfortable and time to relax and turn
thoughts to a pleasant place.  Some people choose to hold pillows or other soft
objects to help keep their focus on the body and to allow negative thoughts to
drift away.  This is a great way to alleviate stress from everyday life.

Prayer is another option for cleansing the spirit.  It does not
matter what religion a person is, the ability to sit and quietly talk about any
concerns is freeing to many people.  It has also been found that giving thanks
or listing what they have to be grateful for is a great way for people to lose
the negativity in their spirit and help the body remove toxins.

Writing in a journal can also help relax the body and calm the
spirit.  It has been proven that the stress from everyday life can prevent the
body from working as it should to remove toxins.  Writing can help quiet the
stress and this allows the digestive system of the body to flush out all of the
dangerous toxins that seep into the body each day.

Anything a person can do to relax the body, mind or spirit can be used as a body
cleanse.  Alleviating stress lets the body do its job.  Getting enough sleep
also helps the body remove toxins.  Many experts agree that to get a true
cleansing of the body, the mind, spirit and the body all need to be cleansed and

Q17 ~ What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is a little known total mind and body cleanse.  It was developed in
India thousands of years ago and proponents feel it should be completed on a
seasonal basis for optimum health of the body and spirit.  It can also be
completed when a person is feeling ill or just not as healthy as they have been.

This body cleanse assumes that people need to assimilate every aspect of their
life that gives them nourishment and to eliminate anything that causes pain or
unrest.  Stress, unhappiness and anger can allow toxins to gather in the body.
This creates an imbalance in the body and toxins will eventually cause illness.
Panchakarma is supposed to release any toxins that have been stored in the body
and help the body restore its ability to heal.

When the digestive system in the body works as it is supposed to, toxins are
quickly removed from the tissues and the body stays healthy.  People who believe
in the use of Panchakarma feel that negative energy builds up in the body and
this prevents the body from cleansing the toxins as easily as it should.  Excess
fat and high cholesterol are signs of the body not being able to remove some
toxins and often, this weight settles around the waist.  This can cause blockage
of arteries which can lead to heart attacks.

Panchakarma not only helps to heal the body, but also the mind and spirit.  Even
as the body removes toxins, the mind must be able to remove negative thoughts,
such as criticism from a loved one, and also to quiet the spirit and handle
negative emotions like anger.  The entire body must be in balance for it to be
truly healthy and this total body cleansing guarantees it can be done.

The process of Panchakarma is a very detailed one.  For several days or weeks,
the person must follow a special diet that includes herbs which allows the
digestive system to repair itself.  While this diet is being used, several types
of massages are used to allow the mind and spirit to calm and return to a happy,
healthy state.  Specific oils are used on the body and applied directly to the
forehead to enhance relaxation during the massages.

Each massage is a specially planned movement on the body.  Often, two people are
giving the massage and they work together to follow the routine and help cleanse
the mind and spirit.  Again, oils are used to enhance the mental and emotional
health of the individual who is receiving Panchakarma.  The special massage and
oil help release the toxins stored in the body and allow the toxins to return to
the digestive system to be flushed from the body.

Steam, with certain herbs infused in it, is also used to encourage the toxins to
release from the organs of the body and flow back into the digestive system to
be flushed from the body.  People who suffer from chronic sinus problems can
have herbal oils inserted directly into the nose to aide in flushing allergens
from the sinus.  This can be a big relief to those who have constant sinus

The last part of Panchakarma is rejuvenation.  Once the toxins have been removed
from the body, followers of this body cleanse believe that the energy of the
body can be rebuilt.  The end result of Panchakarma is a fully functioning
digestive system, a relaxed mind and a happy spirit.  Followers believe the body
is now healed and energy levels are high.

Panchakarma is a very intensive body cleanse and should only be performed by
those who understand its power.  It needs to be done when the person has plenty
of time to rest and relax.  A short program lasts about one week and the
rejuvenation parts can be finished at home.  Some panchakarma programs can last
over a month.

This type of total body cleanse can only be performed at a spa or therapeutic
center.  This is not something that can be completed at home and anyone who
would like to try Panchakarma should thoroughly research any clinic that offers
this body cleanse.  Ask for references and talk to others who have had it done
to hear their results and about any side effects they may have experienced.

Q18 ~ What does Traditional Chinese Medicine Believe about Cleanses?

People who follow Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that the body has
everything it needs to cleanse itself and that very little should be done to
disrupt the natural rhythms of the body.  It is believed that every organ in the
body has a certain time each day that it cleanses itself.  To truly perform the
best body cleanse, one must be chosen that works with the body’s natural detox
routine and not one that disrupts it.

In Chinese medicine, it is very important to choose the right foods to help each
organ with its natural cleansing. Chinese herbs can be used as teas to aid the
body with cleansing and combining these teas with the right foods will allow the
body to cleanse itself even easier and in a natural way that does not disrupt
its traditional rhythms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the health of the body is tied
directly to the health of the liver.  Part of this tradition is that Qi, the
energy that flows through the body, must remain in balance for the body to be
healthy.  People who follow Chinese medicine support the theory that the liver
is the most important organ in the body and that stress, anger, and resentment
can all cause the liver and the Qi to become unbalanced.  It is believed that
each spring, the liver and Qi both need to be cleansed and rebalanced.  Many use
an ancient process of self-healing to cleanse and rebuild the liver and the Qi
to start the New Year healthier and happier.

For the liver, artichokes are one of the best foods to aid in the body’s
cleansing of that organ.  They can be boiled and then eaten either hot or cold.
Kidney beans, olive oil, and quinoa are terrific foods to help the body cleanse
the kidneys.

Remember, to truly follow a body cleanse from Chinese medicine, the liver is the
most important organ of the body and until it is working properly, no other
cleanse will be able to produce the benefits of a liver cleansing.  Eating foods
that help the liver every day will help keep the body healthy.

Q19 ~ Can Massage Really be a Body Cleanse?

Massage can be a great way to detoxify the mind and spirit. Certain types of
massage can even help the body rid itself of dangerous toxins.  Massage can
alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia and also help with fatigue and headaches.
Many people believe that the relaxing effects of massage offers more benefits to
the body that any other type of cleanse.

One thing many people like is that massage does not involve consuming any herbs
that could be dangerous to people taking medications. They also do not have to
make any changes to their diet.  Fasting and juice cleanses can have negative
effects that massage does not have.  For the thousands of people who believe a
body cleanse means more than removing toxins from the physical body, a massage
is the perfect way to help in the cleanse of the mind and spirit.

A massage therapist will use different techniques to relax the body. Alternating
pressure levels and irregular movements stretch and compress muscles to help
clear the mind and relax the body.  A relaxed body encourages better blood
circulation and that allows the liver and kidneys to do their job properly.

There are several types of massages that can help with detoxifying the body.
The lymphatic system of the body is the one responsible for removing waste.  A
specific massage called the lymphatic massage is used to clear dietary toxins
from the body.  The massage therapist will use certain strokes along the body to
encourage the lymphatic system to perform better.  It can also remove blockages
in the circulatory system.  Stress, heavy metals and dead cells can all cause
blockages in the system and massage helps to ease these blockages.  Experts
disagree about whether the massage physically helps the blockages or whether the
relaxing effects on the mind actually release blockages.

A massage designed to remove toxins from the body can also help the immune
system fight diseases, strengthen muscles, and aid in the connective tissues in
the body.  A body that is relaxed will function better all around.  The
repetitive movements of the therapist will also relax the mind and spirit which
in turn, let the body relax even more and perform its functions even better.  A
Swedish massage can also be considered a detoxification process. It helps get
oxygen levels to where they are supposed to be and improves the drainage of the
elimination organs of the body.  A traditional Chinese massage has a different
style but the results are the same.

Most health spas offer massages that are designed as a body cleanse.  Clients
need to request a detoxifying massage when they go for an appointment and many
people find the results so amazing they schedule monthly body cleanse massages
to go along with a healthier diet and exercise for optimum health benefits and a
happier lifestyle.

Q20 ~ What is Purging and is it Harmful to the Body?

Often, when people hear the word “purge” in regards to diet, the first thing
they think of is someone who forces themselves to vomit as soon as they eat.
This is not exactly what a purge cleanse involves, but it can still be
dangerous.  While a basic dietary cleanse involves drinking a lot of water and
juice, and eating small amounts of food, purging is a quicker way to remove
everything from the body.  Often, pills or herbs are used to completely flush
out the system.

Many purges are diuretics and can dehydrate the body in a very short period of
time.  Herbal laxatives are also used for purging body cleanses and these can
have the same dehydrating effects.  Dehydration is extremely dangerous for the
human body and purging should only be used in extreme circumstances. At times,
purging can be used to remove the lingering effects of an opium-based pain
killer from the body, but this should be done under a doctor’s care and in a
hospital where close monitoring can be done. If you are interested in a purge
cleanse it is best to consult a physician for more information.

Q21 ~ Is Exercise Really a Cleanse?

Fitness instructors, yoga instructors, and gyms are often the first to say that
exercise is the best way to detoxify the body.  Exercise does make people feel
better, especially after they get into a routine. Often, people are told that
they feel better because they are ridding their bodies of dangerous toxins by
exercising and doing certain yoga poses. Experts are not so sure that exercise
is actually detoxifying the body.

The kidneys and liver remove toxins from the body, not sweat.  Fitness
instructors are quick to say that sweat is carrying toxins from the body to
encourage people to work out harder and more often.  Exercise does help the
lungs and, obviously, makes the body healthier.  There is little evidence that
it actually removes toxins and should be used as a way to enhance a healthy
lifestyle.  Yoga instructors believe that certain poses squeeze more blood into
the kidneys and liver and that is why it is a body cleanse.  They believe yoga
promotes better blood circulation and that encourages the quicker removal of
toxins from the body.

No studies have concluded that exercise truly removes toxins from the body.
Instead, a good exercise routine often encourages healthier eating for the
participant, which in turn involves eating the very fruits and vegetables that
cleanse the body.  So while exercise itself may not cleanse the body, the
after-effects of the exercise do.

 Is there a Way to Live to Avoid the Need for Total Body

There is a time and place for everything, including total body cleanses. The
problem is that people begin relying on cleansing their bodies whenever they
feel down or sluggish instead of changing their lifestyle.

To avoid using a body cleanse often, a lifestyle change is in order.  Two of the
most obvious changes are to stop smoking and to limit alcohol consumption.
Neither of these will be popular choices, but for true body health, the changes
need to be made. Drinking a lot of water and green tea will help people avoid
needing a body cleanse.  Water will help the kidneys stay clean and they are one
of the major organs in detoxifying the body.

Eat healthier foods.  If possible, eat produce that is grown locally as it will
be a much healthier choice.  If food has to travel great distances, chemicals
are sprayed on it to prevent it from spoiling. These chemicals are the very
toxins that need to be removed from the body after consumption.

Medications and supplements should be taken in moderation and only as directed
by a physician.  While these are necessary at times, some of the medications
will remain in the body and can cause the need for a body cleanse.  Sunshine
will also enhance overall health so be sure to get outside as much as possible.

There is no shortcut to perfect health, but each small step that is taken is
another step forward in finding a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will
prevent the need for total body cleanses.


Cleansing has been used for thousands of years to help the body fight illnesses,
promote healthier living, and even for religious practice.  Native Americans
believed that only by cleansing their bodies could they calm their spirit and
rest their minds enough to communicate with the Gods of their natural world.
Ancient Chinese physicians prescribed cleanses to alleviate aches and pains and
to prevent new diseases.  Even in the modern world, people who believe in
alternative medicines use body cleanses to maintain proper health and as a
preventative for disease.

In many cases, the benefits can outweigh the dangers of using a cleanse. It is
vital that each person research the type of cleanse they want to use.  Many body
cleanses just revolve around eating better and adding natural herbs to your
diet.  The more extreme the cleanse, the more care should be shown by the person
who uses it. With so many options available to try, it may take a few
experiments to see what works and whether the cleanse helps them feel any
different. A simple body cleanse, such as a juice cleanse, can be performed
without too much risk and is inexpensive.  If a person feels the need for a
cleanse, this could be a good way to start.

Happy Cleansing!