20 Questions Good Leaders Ask Themselves

  1. How much do I know?
  2. Am I still learning?
  3. Can we do it better?
  4. Am I doing all I can do?
  5. Am I restricting the team?
  6. Am I giving the team the things they need to get the job done?
  7. Am I seeking input from the team?
  8. Do I love what I’m doing?
  9. Am I being “loyal foolish?”
  10. Has my thinking gotten stale?
  11. Is the old way the best way?
  12. Am I leading from the front?
  13. Am I pushing from the rear?
  14. Am I investing in myself?
  15. Am I investing in the team?
  16. Am I penny wise and pound foolish?
  17. Am I hiring the wrong people?
  18. Do I believe in what I’m doing?
  19. Am I micro-managing or am I being a good “checker?”
  20. Am I living on an island with a closed mind?