13 Surefire Ways to Beat Your Fear

Fear is referred to as an emotion that is induced by a threat perceived by the living entities. This causes in organ and brain function and radical change in behavior such as hiding, running away or freezing from certain traumatic events. This may occur as a response to a particular stimulus that happens in the present or even in the future situation, which is perceived as risk to life or health, status, power, and security. The fear response arises from the perception of possible danger that leads to escape or confrontation.

Fear is developed even you’re still a child. You might be experiencing fear due to a traumatic experience or any instances, which had the great impact unto you making it hard for you to forget. This is just common to people for every one of us does have our own fears in life. The thing is that we must be able to overcome them in order to live a happy life.

To get through your fear is a skill that everyone should learn. This requires self-determination and willingness to do so. It is because once you are not yet ready to face your fears, you will probably won’t. However, refusing to face your fear today can be fine for everything happens right at its own. If you need more time, let it be, until such time that, you have gained enough courage to get over your fear and live your life to the fullest.


It is said that facing your fear is one of the best ways for you to overcome them. Without doing so, it might develop into serious risks that will affect your mental or emotional health or even the way you live your life. How are you going to pick your location to overcome or beat your fear? Here are some of the natural ways on how to conquer your fear:

Start overcoming your fear right now!

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  • Identify what exactly the things you are afraid of – in doing so, you need to be precise about the things that you really fear. You can do it by looking at the pictures you have in your head about the particular situation.  What happens to them? Which situation or things you are scared of? Use your inner space and be an observer.


  • Explore the Roots of your Fear – by doing so, you need to do some meditation. You can start by looking inside and asking yourself when do certain fear started? If you are having trouble when it comes to public figure, when do you think it happens? The roots might be you were shamed in public way back then, and now you promise not to face several people on public ever again. 



  • Try journaling – writing your fears down on paper is important since trying just to think about them might not work. Writing is somehow a form of expressing yourselves in your own privacy. It will further help you to get through your fear if you can identify the things you are fearful about through details written on a paper.


  • Practice or think about Gratitude – once you feel the fear, you can switch over to things you are grateful for. If in case, you are afraid to do public speaking, and then just be grateful of the opportunity given for you to communicate with many people. It is best to think that people are just there to listen genuinely to what you would have to say.



  • Embrace positivity – whenever certain fear strikes you, immediately flip it over! Instead of convincing yourself that something bad will happen, think it in the other way or better think positively. If you are to do something you fear about, think that you will be wildly successful instead of thinking that you will fail horribly. Remember that you are the one who chooses what to do in a particular situation.



  • Take action – you need to tell yourself that you are an action taker, knowing that fears are just fears. Believe that fears are just created by your own imagination, which makes the reality seem scarier than it is. Once you take action and be able to face your fears, your fears will become weaker or even diminished. It is because you come to realize that the reality is not as bad as your imagination. 



  • Release control – you usually want predictability and control although it is impossible to get. For the things you are not able to take control, you would tend to experience fear. Just think this way, even if you know how to swim, you can drown, and a professional dancer can still make mistakes. You need to give up the illusion of controlling everything and be free. Just do your best and think that whatever happens, as a result, is just part of learning you should go through.


  • Be able to understand failure – the moment you realize that failure is not yet the end of the world, you become free. Remember that failure serves as your stepping-stone toward success. It should never stop you living and wanting great things to happen in your life. Most of the fears involve shame, fear of failure, and fear of not living to the standards in which the society has put up with the people.


  • Engage yourself in Yoga – energy can possibly get trapped in your body. But if you do Yoga and be able to breathe, that energy can be easily released. Most of the time, you release parts of your fears, or you have dropped few fears without you noticing it after few months of doing Yoga. This is because you are able to take time for relaxation that makes you feel better about the things around you.



  • Breathe – make time for you to breathe in and breathe out. Your breath can definitely set you free. Moreover, it can anchor you now and will help you overcome and vanquish your most persistent years. This is one of the simplest, yet effective ways of overcoming your fears.



  • Find your model or inspiration – find someone who has the same fear you have, but is able to get rid of it. If possible, you can get in touch with them and ask them how they did it. You will probably learn to use the same strategies they use in dealing with your own fear in life.



  • Perspective – to learn how to deal with your fear involves putting negative thoughts in perspective. Usually, people tend to focus much on the negative. However, in the long run, you will just realize that you are just making a big deal of nothing. There are many things that you can never predict all you have to do is to be prepared and be ready when time comes it is already in you.



  • Read books related to your fear – it is best to look for a book about your specific fear. This can open doors on how you can get rid of such fear. Reading books about inspirational and motivational works can be best to help you get started on beating your own fear.



Each person has his/her own ways on how to get through fears but the following ways mentioned above can be of great help in order to overcome fears as soon as possible. Do not let your fear ruin your supposed to be happy life!