12 Ways to Live a Happier Life

 Everyone deserves to live a happier life. However, there are moments in life that you get so caught up in the events or emotions of what has happened, or you have experienced in the past and still, you have brought the feelings up to the present. Actually, this is also the reason why some people suffer from depression. Depression is the main cause why you cannot live a happier life. If you let these feelings of sadness, fear and despair engulf you and just let it run into your everyday life, and then you may also expect only to live in the pain and not a happy life.

Happiness is something that all strive for. Yet, many people find it uneasy, challenging and even harder to maintain, most especially during the times where many hindrances are hiding behind happiness of one’s life. However, what if there are ways to live a happier life and are just waiting for you to do and apply them into your daily life? If you are after these ways, then below are 12 ways that you should know to live a happier life.

  • Smile and look at yourself in the mirror after you wake up and say ‘’ I LOVE YOU. For other people, loving themselves is a blockage and challenge to live a happier life but don’t you know that self-love and self-acceptance are the keys to happiness? Thus, it is a possible way for you to fill your day with happy thoughts and not with negative ones. If you are not capable enough, not attractive, not successful enough, not good enough or you feel unworthy, the truth is that no matter what happened in your life and who you are, you deserve to be happy and most importantly, you are worthy of love. Just say it out loud to yourself until you believe and convinced that you are worthy of love and later, you will realize how great you are as a person. By loving yourself and accepting of who you are, you will possibly live a happier life.
  • Try to do new things. According to some research, it shows that those who engage and try to experience new things are more likely to retain positive thoughts and emotion than those who are afraid to try new things. Meaning to say, if you want to live a happier life, you need to come out of your shell and try new things, which in the end, can make you feel happy. Remember, there is no problem in trying as long as you are happy with what you are doing and later on, you will realize that these things are what you need to become happy with your life.
  • Practice forgiveness. It was once said that forgiving other people can be challenging but practicing this in your life is one way to live a happier life. If you try to open your heart to those who have wronged you, you will also find happiness that is hiding inside your heart. Remember, forgiving others is a way to have a peace of mind, and that contributes to you to become happy.
  • Spend some time with nature. Spending time with green nature is also a possible way to have a happier life. Nature has something that can help you improve your mood and self-esteem. As you can observe, some people prefer to walk outside when they have a problem because of the fact that nature has been linked to happiness. Thus, it elevates the moods inside of our body.
  • Learn to say no. One psychologist said that “saying yes to happiness means learning how to say no to the people and things that stress you out”. This statement is true. Why? It is because happy people know that they must answer no to behaviors, ideas and people that do not contribute to their happiness. If you think that that person or thing can hinder you in achieving happiness, then why stay with it? Saying no to something that stressed you out is a way for you to become happy.
  • Try to surround yourself with happy and supportive people. Having social support such as from your friends and family is one indicator of well-being and happiness. Thus, with these supportive people, you can show who you are, and you will be comfortable to work with them. In addition, they will make you feel that they are always there at your side to support you with every decision you will going through and that is one thing that you can have in your life to keep you happy all the time even with so many problems that you have in your life.
  • Always have a positive attitude. Being a positive thinker even though there are negative ones is also one way of living a happier life. Thus, if you maintain having an optimistic attitude, you can come up with the best solution for your problem, without having negative thoughts on your mind regarding the results in the end. In addition, optimism is the main component of staying healthy and happy. Therefore, when you are in doubt about something, just look at the positive side of life.
  • Accept and embrace your mistakes. No one is perfect. Meaning to say, you can make mistakes as a person. If you commit a mistake, accept it with all your heart. Do not live yourself in denial because it will only block and keep yourself away from finding the happiness that you wanted. Thus, learning valuable lessons from it can help you improve and grow.
  • Smile. If you are having a rough day or you feel down, it is better not to feel sad and instead, cheer yourself by simply thinking of something that makes you smile and great during that day.
  • Be thankful every day. There are many things that you have to be grateful for, and these things are also the reasons why you need to make yourself happy and feel contented of what you have. Remember, the things that you have received and will receive are blessings. Therefore, always feel grateful in your life.
  • Dream big. As you know, happy people are dreamers. Therefore, you have to dream big also for yourself. You should not be afraid to fail because if you really want to reach the goal that you have in your mind, you must not be afraid to reach it. Embracing your failure is only a way for you to improve and grow. Thus, it will make you feel happier when you are already at the top.
  • Find time to relax yourself. Sometimes, the cause of having depression is not being able to relax. This is why you feel more stressed at work and at home. Finding time to relax is a possible way to live a happier life because you try to relax your mind. If you have practiced this one, you will find a way to think of the best solution for your problem. In addition, do the thing that makes you feel happy so you will have your energy back again.

Do not let depression ruin your life. If you are suffering from it, then try the possible ways listed above for you to experience how to live your life happy without any negative thoughts or worries in your life. With these methods, you will be guided on your journey in finding happiness you have always wanted.