12 ways to beat stress

Say goodbye to stress and hello to a healthier lifestyle and positive outlook on life!

Every day we are bombarded with one thousand and one thoughts, either positive or negative. This makes us prone to stress and depression that tends to hold us back from enjoying life. But don’t worry because the tricks in fighting stress will be revealed. For your peace of mind, here are 12 effective ways to conquer stress:


  • Listen to Music. One of the most effective stress- reducing techniques is to simply listen to music. Each individual has his own genres of music that relax him or her, and you are probably one of those who have an interest in it. In case you want to remove your stress with this kind of technique, just be sure about the music genre that you are going to choose. To make this method more effective, choose your favorite music, band or singer. You’ll surely get relaxed and be more motivated with what you are currently doing. But if you are being distracted instead of being relaxed, then use other techniques that will suit you more.



  • Eat Right. The foods you eat also have effects on how you concentrate on what you are doing every day. Perhaps, it is also your lifestyle that determines how much you stressed are into everyday work you are supposed to complete and submit on time. When you eat right (including vegetables which are always prescribed by the experts) there is a big chance that you increase your energy level and lower the feeling of being stressed so much in a day.



  • Take a Little Break. Once you have spent your whole day in dealing with your job only, you are really developing the stress that you’ll feel after the day. Instead of consistently doing all your jobs think also of having your own break. Allow yourself to relax for at least a couple of minutes before you start again in working and making your job be finished with less stress. It will surely be a great technique that you can try wherever you are – at home, school and in the office.



  • Talk and Laugh with your Friends. Friends are always your shoulder to lean on in times of sadness and happiness. When you felt that you are getting stressed, you can take some time to talk with your friend or friends in whatever ways it is (call or meeting them up) and laugh with them. Scientific explanations show that laughing with your friends or with anyone will be very effective in removing the stress in your body and may even lengthen your life. It is always the benefit of having friends to laugh with. It is your choice to do this step yet this is really an effective one so try it.



  • Drink Tea. If you are not allowed to drink caffeine to relax yourself (they are not really ideal to take every time you feel stressed) drinking tea is much more fitting than what you want. They have less than caffeine and give more ideal benefits on your health like reducing your weight through different process. Green tea even gives antioxidants and amino acid that soothes on your nervous system relieving your stress and overall exhausting experience in a day.



  • Eat what you crave with a Limit. Giving yourself a reward is a form of relieving your stress especially if you are going to eat what you are craving for. If you feel like eating sweets or some salty foods, go for it. However, make sure that you limit what you eat. It is not also good if you make use your cravings to make your stress be relieved. Take the limitations to ensure that you are not going to gain weight instead of just relieving your stress.



  • Join a Yoga Class. Yoga is one of the most effective relaxation techniques that you can try. Using your inner mind in relaxing your body would really be health beneficial for you.  In this kind of technique, you can make sure that your overall body condition is in the state of calmness or tranquility that will take away your stress for the whole time of working.  A Yoga class is certified way to have you be more mindful and relaxed after a whole day stress. You’ll even know different possible solutions for you to manage stress in most of the times.



  • Have Enough Sleep at Night. This is the technique that applies to those who have their sleep at night. If you are one of them, you can have this technique possible. If you are not working at night, get the sleep of at least 8 o’clock in the evening or if not, follow the maximum 8 hours of sleep. It is proven effective in giving you a relaxing day and energetic body.



  • Do some Breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are effective techniques for reducing stress. If you have gone through all day stressful work, breathe and feel the air that touches your body. It is a way that you’ll learn about how you are going to relive your stress.



  • Go to Active Places. Active like malls or theme parks are the perfect places where you can feel more relaxed. Do whatever you want there like going to the rides or just strolling around to lessen your stress. Give yourself the space between your personal obligations and the things that make you happy to make your life well balanced and less stressful. Going to active places opens an avenue for you to forget about negative things in life and indulge yourself to more worthwhile activities. Also, it could bring you a sense of realization.



  • Practice Mindfulness. If you are dealing with stressed mind, you tend to mull over unnecessary things that can hold you back from getting the most of what life has to offer. Just in case you are not aware, this negative thought cycle can reinforce misery, and it could never be of any help when it comes to overcoming depression.  But what does it really mean when we say mindfulness? It suggests that you have to focus on the present moment. If you are not adept to this strategy in fighting stress, then fret not because this is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.  Usually, our brains are bombarded with lots of thoughts, so it seems that focusing on the moment is not inherent to us. To work on this, it is advisable that you take some time practicing to engage your senses in the present moment. You have to take a double leap of focus to sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound. By doing so, you spare yourself from worry.



  • Don’t see things in a negative way. Making way for negative self-talk is also one of the causes of stress and depression. In times when things go wrong, they tend to put the blame on themselves. Depression can have a detrimental impact not only in terms of confidence but also most especially in self-worthlessness. Having that said, it is advisable that you monitor negative talk and come up with adjustment for this frame of thought. You can do the trick by means of reminding yourself that the way you think is that of a depressed individual, instead of a healthy one. In times when you feel low, you should never take negative thought seriously.  It is a good thing that you acknowledge those thought, but it does not necessarily mean that need to believe them.