11 Ways to Appear Charismatic in any Situation

You should, by now, be aware that no matter what situation you find yourself in, it is possible to appear comfortable and confident; no matter how you feel inside.  If you are following the techniques described you will have already noticed a huge difference in the way people respond to you.  More people will be interested in what you have to say and will want to associate with you.

The following list includes some more ways by which you can establish a connection with others and exude charisma in any situation:

Self –Confidence

Having confidence in your own abilities comes partly from having been in a difficult situation and having dealt with it successfully.  Knowing that you coped and even triumphed in this scenario, will supply you with the confidence that you need should you face a similar predicament at some point in the future.  This is true of even the simplest of tasks, such as starting a new job; the first day is the hardest as everything is new; familiarity and confidence make it easier with every passing day.

Of course this may not appear to help with a situation that you have not faced before.  But, in reality, there are very few situations which are fundamentally different to something you have experienced.  Accepting your own abilities and acknowledging that you can deal with any situation which arises will be enough to ensure you appear confident, charismatic and in control; no matter what drama is occurring.


One of the most difficult things to do in life is to analyze your own abilities, failings and insecurities.  This is an essential step towards becoming a charismatic person.  When you take a long hard look at yourself you should focus on the small things, it is these which will be most aggravating and damaging when meeting new people.

Braveness can be shown when you selflessly put yourself forward to protect another, this courage will be noted and adored by others and will certainly create a charismatic image.  However, not everyone will find themselves in a position to help others in such a way.  For these people one of the bravest things they can do will be to analyze and admit their own shortcomings and learn how to overcome them.

Small gestures such as constantly wringing your hands together, scratching your neck or hopping from foot to foot will detract others from you.  If their attention is in the wrong place they will never create that all important bond and follow you through heaven and hell.

Sharing Knowledge

It is essential to share your knowledge and passion regarding a subject you love and have learnt a lot about.  However, if you do not know anything about a certain subject it is far better to remain quiet and learn from those who do know.  Interrupting and voicing opinions which are not based in fact will simply antagonize those who are speaking and anyone who does understand the subject.  It is far better to ask pertinent questions and show a genuine interest.  Just as they will be reaching out to you, your positive approach to their subject will make them want to explain more to you and form a bond with you.  Charisma can work both ways and leave you both feeling positive and bonded.


People who have a goal in life are more likely to become high achievers.  This is simply because they have something to aim for; having no goal can make it difficult to focus on the future or which direction to take.

People who have a goal are also inclined to follow that dream no matter what adversity is placed in front of them.  As each hurdle is overcome your confidence will increase and others will note that you are going somewhere.  This attributes draws others to you, they can see you are confident and that you are going somewhere; they will want to be part of your success.  This is charisma at work!

Set yourself realistic mini-goals on the way to your big goal, if you do not you may become disillusioned with your progress towards the goal and this will ruin all your hard work.  Celebrate achieving each of your mini goals; each one brings you a step closer to your main goal.  Most importantly never stop trying!

Conversational Skills

Conversation is a part of everyday life, you will doubtless have engaged in several discussions every day of your life.  One of the most important skills to learn in order to be truly charismatic is the art of starting a conversation and steering it in the right direction.  Every conversation should result in either a new person entranced by your charisma or someone reminded of how great your charisma is.

The easiest way to start any conversation is simply to introduce yourself and ask what their name is.  Failing this it is acceptable to simply ask how someone is today, or to give a compliment (providing it is not too personal in nature).

Any conversation can be gently steered the right way by answering only the questions which are relevant to the subject you wish to talk about.  Alternatively you can look for the right opportunity to start a new topic.  Every conversation will start small and can build to a deep and meaningful discussion of life; you can control its direction by relating any subject to a subject you do wish to talk about.  You simply need to look for the right opportunity to create a smooth link.


If people know you to be a brilliant business manager or a genius they will be reluctant to communicate with you for fear of being looked down on or made to feel stupid.  No matter how good you are at your chosen area you should always ensure that you are nice, friendly and down to earth.  Every opinion is interesting and has the potential to lead to a new discovery or method of doing things.  Sometimes it is naivety that opens a new door; the fresh approach.

Most importantly this will ensure you are approachable and that you have the opportunity to let your charismatic personality show.  If others see you as a normal person who has achieved great things they will be inspired by you and will look to you for ways of emulating your success.  They will want to talk to you, spend time with you and rave about you to others.  This is charisma at its very best.


It has been mentioned several times but the importance of questions should never be underestimated.  People will respond to you, want to be near you and follow you if you make them feel good about themselves.  Asking them about their interests, passions, hopes and dreams is a certain way to create a connection and make them want to be in your company.

The most essential part of asking questions is to ensure they are relevant to the conversation, don’t just change tact all of a sudden!  Of course, if you are particularly curious about something they have knowledge of then a question can be a good way to start the conversation.  Equally, if you ask a question, make sure you listen to the answer.  Not only will you increase your understanding of the subject but you will gain an insight into the other person’s personality.


Smiling makes you appear natural, relaxed and in control of both your emotions and the situation.  It also informs others that you are a positive person to be around and enjoy life.  

As you talk to people it is essential to give them a natural smile as frequently as possible, providing it is in context; you do not want to remind them of a Cheshire cat!  If you smile at someone they will automatically smile back and this will make them feel good; even if they were already happy.  Their memory of the conversation will be positive thanks to your smile and your interest in them; this is charisma, this person will want to spend more time with you, they will be drawn to you.


A very valuable technique for projecting charisma is to mirror other people’s movements, moods and gestures.  This does not mean you need to agree with everything they say.

At first this may feel very awkward and you will probably worry that they will think you are making fun of them.  To see how successful it is you should try this approach on a friend.  By mirroring their body language and mood you are placing yourself on their wave length; they will feel free to talk and will feel good about the conversation, without realizing what you have been doing.

Mirroring will also allow you to emphasize with the other person; you will, to an extent, feel what they are feeling or even imagining.  This technique will turn any conversation into a friendly chat, with both parties being open and feeling good about it.  This will cause them to seek you out for future encounters.


You may be surprised at how much intention can change the way you are seen by others.  If you visit somewhere with the intention of speaking to at least ten new people then others will notice you circulating the room and see you as someone who wants to meet new people and is not afraid of new experiences.  This will display your confidence and this is something that most people are drawn to.

Alongside this, intention can be crucial to your own mindset.  Seeing every encounter as an opportunity and not a burden will enable you to make the most of every opportunity, you will transform into an open, easily approachable person who others want to spend time with.

Intending to make a good impression will ensure you approach every meeting with the right attitude, you never know when a key person to your plans will appear and you do not want to miss an opportunity simply because you are having a bad day!  Before entering new situations always take a moment to calm your mind and gather your thoughts; and decide your intentions.


This is one of the most essential ingredients for anyone who wishes to be seen as a charismatic person.  It is not necessary to be brutally honest regarding every aspect of a discussion, or of someone else’s opinion; when you inform others of what you believe to be true it is essential to be tactful!

Charismatic people are honest and open about their approach to any project or topic; they can be relied upon to give an honest, fair and independent opinion.  This is what you must strive for; people will respect you and want to know your opinion and advice; because they know it will be genuine.  Of course, if you do not know enough about a subject tell them, but also be prepared to research it further for future discussions.

Being honest can be harder than it appears and it may take practice to ensure you have the right balance; between offering an honest opinion with a positive attitude and simply depressing the other party.