How to Being Again after Recovering from Job Burnout

Once you have made successful efforts to get rid of your burnout syndrome, you need to get back to work. It is not possible to overcome all those bitter feelings of burnout too soon, even though you’ve been engaging in daily relaxation and exercise. No matter how understanding your boss and colleagues may be, one cannot afford to escape for very long. If you do not want to burn out once again after recovering from it, you need to follow some advice for how to start to reconnect to your work once again.


  • Break Down the Work Into Simpler Tasks. When you get back to work and start your projects, don’t repeat any mistakes from the last time. For example, if you are assigned to design a website, try dividing the work into simpler tasks that are easy to work with. Do not expect to design the whole website within a day. Start designing the first page of the website. If you still feel over-burdened, try designing just one simple area of the page. As an example, you can start by designing the header of the page. When you are done with first task, try stepping toward the next simplified task you feel that you can implement. Do not work continuously. Go and take a break. Watch some TV. Talk to your friends. Now come back and start the work again. Remember to work on only one small piece at a time. After a few days’ efforts, you will surely see some output by joining all the smaller pieces of your work into a larger whole. Integrate them, and have the confidence to submit your work.


  • Take a Look at Your Worst Work. Go and find the worst task you think you have ever performed. Either it is the worst documentation or the worst technical report, the worst painting, the worst web design, or the worst whatever related to your field. Look at it and try to analyze whether you feel anything negative when you look at the work. Does it still annoy you?


  • After the Worst Things, Try the Best Things in Your Life. Go and watch your favorite movie or visit your favorite museum. Go to your favorite shopping area. Read your favorite book. Eat your favorite meal. Try to grab as much positive energy for your work as possible.

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