10 Tips To Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

I like to read about leadership. Over the years, I’ve read a lot of books from business leaders and coaches sharing their perspectives on what constitutes great leadership. The following list of 10 tips is based in part on the take-aways I gathered from learning what I can about the ways good leaders become great leaders:


  1. Embrace Anxiety—It’s motivation to take action.
  2. Get after it—Focus your energy on making positive change. Crank up the intensity and aggravate the competition.
  3. Put fear into perspective—What’s really the worst that can happen?
  4. Be ready—Preparation breeds confidence.
  5. Don’t dwell—Forget minor setbacks. Learn, and move on. Don’t let the setbacks become the standard.
  6. Maintain a healthy discontent—Be aware of people/things that block your progress. (Surround yourself with losers and you will continue to lose.)
  7. Be wary of satisfaction—If you don’t set the example and step it up, who will?
  8. Avoid paranoia paralysis—Show others how to claw or climb out of an unproductive rut.
  9. Always look for answers—Continual improvement doesn’t have a finish line.
  10. Never ever give up—Other people want to see you fail. Don’t let others control your thinking.

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